Can you drive cars in Fortnite?

It's too early to pick a lane.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite‘s new season, Chapter Two, season three, recently went live and brought many changes to spice up the popular battle royale.

As several leaks suggested, the map was overrun by a flood and new shark vehicles can be spotted around the world.

Aquaman was also introduced to the game to go along with the theme of the season. The only missing thing is the cars that were featured in Chapter Two, season three’s trailer.

The trailer featured players shooting at each other while riding regular cars, buggies, and even trucks. While it’s possible to locate similar cars around the map, they seem to be unrideable and players can only use their Harvesting Tools to salvage some iron.

This doesn’t mean Epic Games misled its players with the trailer, though. A season usually lasts around 10 to 18 weeks, which means the developer could introduce the rideable vehicles later in the season.

Considering that half of the map is underwater, though, cars would only be able to get you so far.

Reputable data miners suggest that the water level may go down as the season progresses, which is another indicator of cars possibly becoming available in the upcoming weeks.

Overall, it’s not possible to drive cars in Fortnite right now, but chances are you’ll be able to show off your driving skills before the season ends.

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