How many characters are in Street Fighter 6?

Choose your fighter carefully.

All 18 base fighters from Street Fighter 6 standing together in a drawn picture
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A fighting game is usually only as good as its roster, with the different specialties in each character ideally applying to a wide variety of playstyles. Street Fighter 6 is the latest in one of the most monumental fighting series ever, with a cast of new and returning characters that fans will appreciate training with.

While fighting alongside all of the fighters in SF6, you’ll learn to understand and appreciate their unique styles and attributes.

Full Street Fighter 6 roster and DLC content

The full list of DLC characters coming for year one of Street Fighter 6.
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There are currently 18 fighters in Street Fighter 6 at launch, with more DLC characters planned to be coming in the next few months. With the title releasing as recently as June 2, players will have time to get used to the current fighters for a bit before Capcom begins rolling out the extra content.

That being said, Capcom has already teased new DLC fighters that will start coming to SF6 sometime during this summer, but no date has been nailed down. These DLC fighters include:

  • Rashid (Summer 2023)
  • A.K.I. (Fall 2023)
  • Ed (Early 2024)
  • Akuma (Spring 2024)

The first two fighters will be new to the world, likely to have a part in the game’s World Tour mode, as was the case with Luke and Jamie. Ed and Akuma have both been in at least one Street Fighter game before, but it’s unclear how their fighting styles or personalities may have changed.

The rest of the characters and their fighting styles are as follows.


Luke from Street Fighter 6 is in a boxing stance with one fist delivering an uppercut to the air.
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Luke is one of the new fighters in Street Fighter 6. He is working as a PMC after his stint in the military. He’s dedicated to training up fighters and setting them on their journey. He is the first trainer players will encounter in the World Tour mode. From his appearance in Arcade Mode, it seems he has a rivalry with Jamie, another new addition to the Street Fighter series.

He uses military-based mixed martial arts that include a lot of overpowering punches similar to his superior in the air force, Guile.


Jamie from Street Fighter 6 in a martial arts pose with his hands as if he's pulling a bow string and a knee up ready to strike with his foot.
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Jamie is also new to Street Fighter 6 and brings his signature style to each fight, inspired by his cousins Yun and Yang. While he might value friendship, his rivalry with Luke seems to be no joke, with both men eager to show their skill. Jamie has harnessed his abilities by defending his home in Chinatown from various threats over the years.

His fighting style is unique to the SF series in that he practices the Drunken Fist, which is named as such due to its resemblance to the movements of a drunk person. Street Fighter 6 stresses he’s just drinking juice from his jug, though.


Manon from Street Fighter 6 looks contemplative ahead of a fight.
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Manon has a taste for beauty and that’s apparent in everything she does. As a world-famous model and Judo champion, she’s always seeing to improve herself. Don’t let the profession fool you though, Manon has no issues dealing with anyone who’s unlucky enough to cross her.

Her fighting style is a mix between Judo and dancing, which makes for graceful movements with devastating throws.


Kimberly from Street Fighter 6 looks positive despite a recent defeat, as shown by the dirt and bruises.
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Kimberly is a high-energy new fighter for Street Fighter 6, known as a prodigy who graduated early from college. However, she’s left the academic field behind to pursue her dream of being a ninja, and this is reflected in her fighting style. Kimberly is also a fan of bright colors, graffiti, and 1980’s American culture.

Her fighting style resembles the Bushinryu style from her training under Guy from Street Fighter Alpha. That being said, she adds her own twist on the ninja style with the use of spray paint and other modern gadgets.


Marisa from Street Fighter 6 placing her Roman helmet on the ground before a fight.
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Marisa is another new fighter in Street Fighter 6, a large muscular woman with a love for performing in the Roman Coliseum just like her alleged ancestors. While she knows how to throw down and entertain, Marisa also has a soft spot for the beauty and romanticism of the world.

Her fighting style is very overpowering, based on the Pankration combat sport of her ancestors. Marisa deals heavy punches, knees, and relies on pure strength to dominate her opponents.


Lily from Street Fighter 6 looking at her opponent and smiling.
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Lily is a Mexican Native who loves to travel and can do so freely thanks to the protection offered by her wind spirit who’s always close by. While she might not be the most daunting fighter, she’s still able to dish out devastating attacks using the powers of nature and her trusty pogamoggans.

As a member of the Thunderfoot tribe alongside T. Hawk and Juli, Lily is knowledgeable in the tribe’s signature martial arts technique. She relies on the power of the wind to lift herself and her opponents before slamming them into the ground.


JP from Street Fighter 6 summons magic using the palm of his hand.
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Not much is known about JP outside of the fact he’s uber-rich and has a knack for picking successful investment opportunities. While he might dress and play the polite businessman, there are some seriously dark undertones for this character.

His fighting style is reminiscent of a century-old martial arts technique started in England known as Baritsu. It combines elements of jujitsu, boxing, and cane fighting, which is uniquely fitting to JP. He also uses the otherworldly Psycho Power to make sure his enemies feel the pain.


Juri from Street Fighter 6 smirking with one leg up in the air and her hand outstretched.
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Juri isn’t complicated, she simply enjoys dealing out pain to anyone unfortunate enough to get within 10 feet of her. In her Arcade Mode scene, she can be seen zipping around a city on her speed bike, seeking any thrill she can find without the motivation of M. Bison driving her forward.

She is a champion in Taekwondo and has become infamous for how reliant she is on her feet and legs when fighting. She can also use Ki attacks, sending charged energy forth as projectiles at her enemies.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay from Street Fighter 6 throwing up a peace sign and finger guns with a big smile.
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Dee Jay has a clear appreciation for life, with no small part of that being dancing and fighting in the Jamaican sun. As an internationally famous dancer, he can flow effortlessly between dancing and fighting without breaking a sweat or losing the rhythm.

He uses a kind of kickboxing style mixed with his own dance moves, which translates into a unique style that’s fun to watch. Dee Jay can sweep the leg and then sidestep with the best of them.


Cammy from Street Fighter 6 walking into a fight on a London street.
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Cammy is one of the classic fighters in Street Fighter 6, starting her journey a long time ago as a clone created by Shadaloo. She now works as an agent of MI6 for the British government, working to make the country a safer place.

She relies on a mix between Shadaloo fighting techniques and her special forces training. This culminates in a style using her entire body as a projectile.


Ryu from Street Fighter 6 tightens his headband ahead of a fight.
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Ryu may be the most famous fighter from the Street Fighter 6 roster, working as the main protagonist of the series before this title. He’s getting older, but still retains his skill and focus on becoming the strongest he can be.

He relies on Ansatsuken, the assassination martial arts, and his signature energy abilities to deal damage no matter the range.

E. Honda

E. Honda from Street Fighter 6 crouched and looking toward his opponent with determination.
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Edmond Honda is a sumo wrestler and chef who decided to open his own restaurant at the start of Street Fighter 6. He values tradition, as shown by his outfit, and wants his restaurant to be a source of good food and classic sumo entertainment.

As suggested by his appearance, E. Honda uses the style of Japanese Sumo Wrestling to dominate his opponents using his weight and sheer power.


Blanka from Street Fighter 6 with his arms raised in an ape-like intimidation tactic.
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Blanka has got a little bit of a redesign in Street Fighter 6, making him much more like a human-ape hybrid. In his Arcade Mode, he’s looking to revitalize tourism in Brazil by encouraging urban rumors about a legendary forest sprite who is basically a more cartoony version of himself.

His fighting style is less based on historic training, instead relying on more primal movements and his ability to produce electricity with his body.


Guile from Street Fighter 6 looking down and adjusting his watch.
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As a member of the United States Air Force, his sole goal was to eradicate the organization of Shadaloo, which he was able to achieve. He’s a brooding man who represents the stereotypical American military soldier who’s got a mission to save the world. When not focusing on his hair, he’s aiming to do whatever it takes to take down his opponents.

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His fighting technique is a mix between martial arts and professional wrestling, culminating in a style that deals with devastating attacks. He also makes use of blade-like projectiles that he may create using Ki.


Ken from Street Fighter 6 punching his open palm with a stern look on his face.
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After a series of bad turns, including being framed for a mass terrorism event, Ken has taken to hiding to protect the people he cares about. Before that, he served as the best friend and foil of Ryu, with both fighters pushing each other to get stronger. He’s one of the most popular and longest-running characters in the Street Fighter series.

Like Ryu, he also began using the Anatsuken in recent games, which makes sense since both characters were trained under the same master.


Chun-Li from Street Fighter 6 smiling and looking toward her opponent.
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The first female fighter in the Street Fighter series, Chun-Li has come a long way since Street Fighter II: The World Warrior was launched in the 1990s. She served as the main female protagonist of the series for a while, eventually getting hired by Interpol and seeking revenge on her father’s murderer, M. Bison.


Zangief from Street Fighter 6 stands with his arms clenched and a tough-looking frown on his face.
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This Russian powerhouse is the typical stereotype for professional wrestlers and bodybuilders, with Zangief relying on his sheer power in fights. He’s seen as a national hero in his country, often found fighting to bring glory to his homeland. While he might seem tough, he also has a lighter side and loves wrestling bears.

His style is based on both American and Russian professional wrestling, combining to create a mix that brings powerful attacks and grappling techniques from both cultures.


Dhalsim from Street Fighter 6 in a levitating praying position with his hands together and his legs crossed.
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Dhalsim is a Yoga master who has truly mastered his craft, allowing him supernatural stretching and fire-spitting abilities. As a pacifist, he doesn’t take pleasure in hurting someone more than he needs to, but it’s a tough line to walk.

His fighting style is based on Yoga with the added benefit of being able to stretch any part of his body at will and use it to dominate his opponents. He can also spit fire with no accelerant, setting his enemies ablaze or sending out projectiles to get them from afar.


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