These gamer-themed drinks further solidify South Korea’s gaming dominance over North America

Korean culture is vastly different when it comes to gaming.

Image via EKDP

Any esports fan would likely agree that South Korea is on a whole other level than the west when it comes to a variety of factors. Depending on the game, South Korea has NA beaten in skill, fan support, and even sometimes production value.

Now, South Korea is vying for the title in energy drinks, too.

Kwangdong Pharmaceutical claims that their new HP and MP gaming-themed energy drinks have 30 percent less calories than other carbonated drinks available in South Korea, according to a report by The Korea Times.

Image via EKDP

HP features grape and aronia juice, boosted by 100 milligrams of taurine, which is common in many energy drinks. MP is a sparkling apple juice beverage with 100 milligrams of theanine, which could help with relaxation and is found in some teas.

Image via EKDP

“We target young consumers, particularly in their teens and 20s,” said a spokesman from Kwangdong. “Also we’ll make efforts to supply more healthy soft drinks to them.”

While some of the appeal comes from the fact that these drinks are healthier than other Korean alternatives, most of it has to be in the name and branding. It’s hard to believe that gamers won’t flock to at least try these new beverages that are aimed directly at them (they’re named after health points and magic/mana points from so many games of today and years past). The company even brought on Korean cosplay collective Spiral Cats to help advertise the drinks, decked out in game character cosplay garb.

Right now there are no plans to bring HP and MP to the west, just like there are no plans for North America to beat Korea in esports any time soon.

H/T Kotaku