Warzone players get sentimental about short-lived map: ‘The best map they’ve made’

We hardly knew ye.

Fortune's Keep, complete with trees and spired buildings leading up to the fortified keep portion of the map.
Image via Activision

There’s a couple of different types of Call of Duty: Warzone players. There’s those who enjoy battle royale, and those who prefer the more fast-paced modes like Resurgence and Plunder.

The new Warzone has two different Resurgence maps for players to drop into with Ashika Island and Vondel. But for some players in a Reddit thread today, the best map for the fast-paced respawn mode is one that was only in the original game for a few months: Fortune’s Keep.

Fortune’s Keep was released during season four of Call of Duty: Vanguard, but was only available to play for a little over four months as Resurgence modes were removed from the original Warzone, which was rebranded as Warzone Caldera.

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Resurgence didn’t make its return in Warzone 2.0 until season two earlier this year, so fans of the mode had little to log on for. And now, players are looking back fondly on the short-lived map from the summer of 2022.

“Arguably the best map they’ve made since Warzone started,” said one player in the above Reddit thread, and many were inclined to agree.

Many players believe the removal of Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island, Warzone One’s other Resurgence map, was done in order to move players to Warzone 2.0. But now, players are hoping that those maps will come to the new game eventually.

“I really enjoyed Fortune’s Keep,” another player said. “I wish they would just add it and Rebirth Island to the Resurgence map rotation.”

And that’s what would need to happen for the maps to come back and be playable at all, considering the original Warzone game will shut down for good later this year on Sept. 21. That’s when Warzone Caldera will go away forever.

The news of Caldera’s shutdown was met with ferocious negativity among the community, with one player calling it “such a scummy move.” The nostalgia continues to manifest now, with players longing for Fortune’s Keep.

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“It was an awesome map, I’ll never understand why Activision took the single best thing they’ve ever created and pitched it in the trash instead of capitalizing,” another player said.


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