Top 10 Call of Duty: Warzone glitches of 2020

Take a look back at the worst bugs in Warzone.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone has become one of the most popular battle royale titles on the market.

Fans enjoy the classic Call of Duty gameplay while they fight with their squad to be the last team standing. Warzone features content from Modern Warfare and will continue to be updated with new content from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

But Warzone has had its fair share of bugs and glitches that have ranged from minor issues to game-breaking disasters. Here are the top 10 Warzone glitches of 2020.

EBR-14 damage glitch

Players discovered a major glitch in April that caused the EBR-14 to do more headshot damage when a premium blueprint was equipped. The EBR was a one-shot kill with premium blueprints such as the Line Breaker or Flesh Wound equipped, even if enemies had full armor. 

A Warzone player tested the damage difference and discovered the base version of the EBR could break armor but not kill players, which meant players with a premium skin had an advantage. 

TimTheTatman encountered the glitch in a match and was able to eliminate two enemies with ease quickly. Other content creators, like NoahJ456, also experienced the bug and warned their audiences about the unbalanced weapon. 

Infinity Ward eventually addressed the issue with an update, but players who spent real-life money on the game had an advantage over other people for a limited time. 

Disappearing loot and loadout drops

Warzone players have experienced a random yet consistent issue of items falling through the map. This includes regular loot dropped for teammates and even loadout drops that continue falling when they hit the ground. 

One player dropped their cash for a teammate to purchase at a buy station in August but the money immediately fell through the map and disappeared. They tried to recreate the bug by dropping ammo in the same spot and were forced to watch as it also fell into oblivion. 

Other players experienced their loadout drop falling through the map, wasting their hard-earned money for nothing. One team called their loadout drop on top of the stadium before it opened, only for it to fall through the roof. Another player called theirs in at a different location and encountered the same problem. 

These issues don’t happen as often, but players still report losing their items from time to time. 

Broken vehicle collision boxes

Vehicles are an excellent choice for quickly moving around Verdansk and can be used to run over exposed players. But a glitch earlier this year made the vehicles even deadlier because it expanded the vehicle hit boxes. This meant players behind cover or inside buildings could still be killed by vehicles. 

Several players shared clips of their experiences with the broken vehicles. One player was killed by a cargo truck despite being behind a wall and another was killed even though they were protected by a tree. 

This bug made it easier for players to rack up kills from the safety of a vehicle and made them even stronger than before. Luckily, this exploit was removed quickly, but it wasn’t the only vehicle-related bug in Warzone in 2020. 

Game-breaking vehicles

Another vehicle glitch caused the entire lobby to be kicked from matches if a vehicle was taken to a specific spot on the map. The bug was easy to replicate and allowed one player to repeatedly ruin a game for the entire lobby. 

The issue was significant enough for Infinity Ward to temporarily remove all vehicles from Warzone while it fixed the problem. This was an inconvenience for players considering how large Verdansk is, but it was a small price to pay to avoid being kicked from matches repeatedly. 

Vehicles eventually returned to Warzone and players no longer had to worry about the exploit. 


Rocks are notorious for trapping players throughout Verdansk. The small obstacles should be easy to climb or maneuver around, but they’ve caused thousands of players to meet an untimely death. 

Players can get stuck in rocks around the Warzone map and are unable to escape. There are multiple locations around Verdansk where players can be trapped and most people know to avoid these obstacles just in case. 

Some rocks are also challenging to jump over, which is a big problem when trying to escape the storm. These issues are still in Warzone right now, so be careful the next time you’re around a rocky area. 

Automatic weapons in the Gulag

The Gulag originally only featured handguns for players to use as they fought for a chance to make it back into the game. Automatic weapons and other guns are now commonplace, but a glitch allowed players to find them in the Gulag while their enemies were stuck with a pistol. 

Players found several weapons in the Gulag that appeared to be the loadout of players who either glitched into the Gulag or died in the regular map. There are reportedly several “Gulags” beneath the Warzone map, which is where players are teleported when they die. Some believe the weapons simply fell through the floor, while others think players attempted to teleport to the Gulag and were immediately killed. 

Regardless, this was an unfair advantage that many players encountered before automatic weapons became the norm in the Gulag. 

Ping exploit

When a player is pinged in Warzone, their location is marked with a red dot for a brief period that allows them to be tracked. But this summer, players discovered that if they continued to ping the highlighted enemy on the map, they’d keep the live ping active indefinitely. 

CouRage and his teammates tested the exploit in a match and were able to track multiple enemies as long as one player continued to ping them on the map. This allowed the team to prefire opponents and know their exact location, which left the enemy player at a disadvantage.

The exploit was easy to recreate and essentially provided wallhacks to whoever managed to maintain the live ping. 

Unlimited tactical equipment

One of the most notorious Warzone bugs of the year allowed players to have unlimited tactical equipment in October. This meant players could spam flash and stun grenades at their enemies or survive in the gas indefinitely with stims. 

Most players first encountered the exploit when players survived in the gas at the end of matches without dying. There was almost no way to counter this method since the players could hide deep in the gas until it fully closed or the other players died. 

A few days later, players realized the same glitch also provided unlimited stun grenades. Several players started to encounter enemies who were spamming tactical equipment, which made it impossible to fight back. 

Many popular streamers, such as Symfuhny and TeePee, complained about the issue and dozens of other players shared their experiences with the exploit on social media. Infinity Ward noticed and fixed the exploit quickly, but it was still a significant problem. 

Invisibility exploit

Loadout drops no longer kill players if they stand beneath one as it lands, which is good news for anyone who’s been killed by the heavy object. But this change introduced a new exploit in November that allowed players to become invisible if they stood beneath the loadout drop. 

Players are pushed out of the way if a loadout drop lands on them, but this wasn’t always the case when the update was first released. On some occasions, players weren’t moved out of the box automatically if they remained still. If this was done correctly, the players would become invisible once they exited the loadout drop. 

TimTheTatman tested the glitch in the final circle of a match and his teammates confirmed that he was invisible. Tim was able to walk directly behind the last player and executed them without issue. 

The invisibility exploit was a significant issue that’s thankfully been removed from Warzone

Gun texture glitch

The gun texture glitch was a visual bug that caused certain gun models to transform into a terrifying mass of visual artifacts that obscured the entire screen. Players who encountered the bug couldn’t resolve it unless they used a new weapon, which wasn’t always possible. The bug often appeared in the Gulag too, which almost guaranteed that the affected player would be eliminated from the match.

Several big streamers and content creators, such as CouRage and TimTheTatman, experienced the bug many times and were vocal about it being an issue. The bug impacted players on all platforms and basically guaranteed a loss if it appeared during a game. 

Infinity Ward made the bug its top priority when it was first discovered in August and a fix for the problem was released. But the issue returned when new patches were added to the game and players were forced to deal with the visual bug again. Reports of the bug dropped toward the beginning of October, but some players still experienced the issue at the launch of season six

The bug appears to be gone now, but there’s always the possibility of it returning in future updates.