TimTheTatman highlights new invisibility glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone

Beware of invisible players.

timthetatman overwatch
Screengrab via TimTheTatMan

Every few weeks, Call of Duty: Warzone players find a new glitch or bug that can potentially ruin their experience.

A new glitch allows players to turn invisible after a loadout drop lands on them, making it impossible for enemies to fight back. TimTheTatman highlighted the glitch last night and showed how game-breaking the exploit is. 

Loadout drops no longer kill players if they land on them, which most players appreciate. The loadout drops were buggy and often killed players even if they weren’t directly beneath the object. But a new exploit allows players to become invisible if they stand beneath the box as it lands.

Players just need to stand beneath the loadout drop and not move as it falls. If they aren’t moved out of the box automatically, their character should be invisible once they move out of the loadout drop. This doesn’t work every time, but several players, including Tim, have replicated the bug. 

Tim tested the glitch in the final circle of the match on the last enemy. His teammates confirmed he was invisible as he exited the loadout drop and they held back as he approached the final enemy. Tim was able to run directly in front of the enemy without issue and managed to execute them as the final kill. 

Becoming invisible in Warzone is a massive problem since it provides an enormous advantage over other players. This is a game-breaking bug that’s on the same level as the unlimited tactical equipment glitch. There isn’t a card for the bug on the Infinity Ward Trello Board yet, but the developers will likely notice the problem soon.