Call of Duty: Warzone glitch increases EBR-14 headshot damage when premium blueprints are equipped

Anyone who owns the blueprints currently have an unfair advantage.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players continue to encounter new glitches and issues with the game, including a recently discovered bug that gives the EBR-14 increased headshot damage when premium blueprints are equipped.

A player discovered that their EBR-14 was doing more damage than usual when they were using a premium blueprint version of the weapon. They pulled off an impressive squad wipe with three headshots which prompted them to investigate the anomaly.

The player set up two classes that were the same except one was the base EBR-14 and the other was using the premium “Line Breaker” blueprint. They jumped into a Warzone warmup lobby and switched between the classes to see if there was an actual difference in damage. The player discovered that the premium blueprint version of the gun was a one-shot kill on enemies with full armor and the base version only broke their armor but did not instantly kill them.

The pre-game lobby only spawns’ players in with two armor plates which could potentially make a difference, so the player decided to bring in a friend to gather more proof of the glitch.

The two players jumped into a Warzone match and tested out point-blank headshots to determine if there is an actual difference in performance. They tested the normal version of the EBR-14 first, which broke the players armor but did not kill them. The “Line Breaker” version of the weapon once again killed with a single headshot on a fully armored player.

This is a huge problem for multiple reasons. The increased damage from the blueprint version of the weapon is a major advantage for players who have it. It’s also a premium blueprint that cannot be unlocked by simply playing the game, so it is literally a pay-to-win weapon right now.

The player also provided evidence that the “Flesh Wound” blueprint has the same damage increase, so it seems that all premium blueprints for the EBR-14 have increased damage. None of the unlockable blueprints provide the same damage increase, even those of the same rarity such as the “Stiff Arm.”

There is currently no card on Infinity Ward’s Trello board referencing the glitch so it will likely be in the game for a while. There are currently no other reports of other premium blueprints increasing weapon damage, so the issue may be isolated to the EBR-14.