Call of Duty: Warzone players are getting stuck in rocks

Make sure to avoid these locations in your next game.

Image via Activision

Ever been caught between a rock and a hard place? Call of Duty: Warzone players are learning the meaning of the phrase after a new bug surfaced in the battle royale, causing players to get caught in between rocks scattered around the map.

After eliminating an enemy target in a solo match, oneWarzone player attempted to make their way to the safe zone by climbing a stone wall and traversing up a small cliff. But much to the player’s dismay, they became stuck in between the wall and the surrounding rocks and were unable to move from the spot.

Another player uploaded their experience of being stuck in between rocks near the Military Base bunkers. Their teammate told them they were stuck and could not move, so the player jumped down to investigate. They decided to jump on their teammates head to see if it could help, but it resulted in both players being stuck in the glitched spot.

The two players were eventually killed by an enemy player who was unaware of their predicament. The enemy proceeded to loot their bodies and ended up getting stuck in the same spot as well. The two players spectated the enemy who also could not free himself and was stuck in the location for the rest of the game.

The two spots might have provided the opportunity for funny clips, but they highlight issues that are ruining Warzone matches for players. Hopefully for fans, Infinity Ward can resolve the glitched spots before they become a major issue, although players will not likely see a fix in the immediate future.