A Call of Duty: Warzone glitch is causing items to fall through the map

Be careful when dropping loot for teammates.

Image via Activision

Items are falling through the map in Call of Duty: Warzone and causing players to lose money and other essential items. 

A Warzone player dropped their cash for their teammates to purchase items at a nearby buy station when they realized their money disappeared into the ground. They dropped ammo in the same location to see if they could recreate the glitch and were surprised to see their items fall through the floor. 

Other players explained how the same glitch occurs on several staircases around the map with almost every item. Some players lost armor plates while others lost all of their money when trying to give it to a teammate. The glitch can also occur on flat ground as one player claimed their armor box fell through the floor when deployed on an open surface. 

Items falling through the map is a significant issue and can devastate a team. Most players will combine their cash to purchase a loadout drop to survive in the late game, and losing all of the money can be a huge issue. Other vital items like armor plates or ammo are essential in gunfights. Losing these items because of a glitch can easily send a player to The Gulag. 

Items falling through the ground is just one of the bugs Warzone players have to worry about. A game-breaking texture glitch plagued players for over a week, and a new invisible tarp glitch is giving some players an unfair advantage.