Call of Duty: Warzone player dies due to invisible tarp glitch

Beware of the invisible tarps.

Image via Activision

A Call of Duty: Warzone player thought they were safe behind a fence covered with a white tarp. Unfortunately, the tarp gave them a false sense of security.

The player was trying to open a Loadout crate when an enemy team opened fire from a nearby rooftop. The player took cover near a fence and noticed another enemy parachuting down from the roof. They attempted to kill the enemy, but a fence with a white tarp that they could not see through protected them. The enemy player did not have the same disadvantage, though.

The enemy shot the player through the fence with ease and sent them to The Gulag. The player watched the kill cam to figure out how the enemy saw them through the fence and discovered there was no white tarp on the enemy’s screen. They were able to shoot through the chainlink fence without issue and secured an easy kill. 

Other players confirmed the same issue is present in different locations around the map that also have a fence with a tarp over it. 

Textures or objects not appearing for all players is a significant problem. Some players will have obscured vision, while others will have a clear line of sight like in this clip. This issue creates a problem for players who are unaware their enemies cannot see the same texture or objects around the map.  

This bug is not currently listed on the Infinity Ward Trello Board, so players will have to wait and hope the developers address the issue in a future update.