Call of Duty: Warzone players experience game-breaking texture glitch

There is currently no fix for the bug.

Image via Activision

A new texture glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone blocks the entire screen and makes it almost impossible to engage enemies. The glitch occurs with several different weapons and can also be seen when spectating teammates. 

Several popular streamers have encountered the glitch in the last few days. CouRageJD uploaded a video of a match where the glitch occurred in The Gulag and prevented him from defending himself. His teammates also experienced the glitch, which made spectating impossible as each player’s point of view was a scrambled mess. 

CouRage continued to experience the glitch when he dropped back into the match. Almost every weapon he picked up was bugged which severely impacted his game. 

Timthetatman also encountered the glitch during a Warzone tournament, but in a slightly different way. The glitch happened to an enemy player, but everyone else experienced a large visual bug that obscured a significant portion of a room. Tim eliminated the enemy, although his teammate was killed by another team that he could not see because of the bug. 

The new texture glitch is a widespread problem. Several people responded to CouRageJD with their own clips of the glitch occurring. There is currently not a fix for the bug, and players are forced to quit the match or try to continue at a disadvantage. 

The glitch is not currently listed on the Infinity Ward Trello board, but the exposure from prominent creators will likely catch the attention of developers.