A Call of Duty: Warzone glitch allows players to have unlimited tactical equipment

Infinity Ward is aware of the issue.

Image via Activision

Many Call of Duty: Warzone players have encountered or seen the glitch that allows players to have unlimited Stims. This game-breaking bug makes it almost impossible for abusers to die in the storm and was assumed to be the worst-case scenario.

But the glitch doesn’t only apply to Stims. It appears to work with almost any tactical equipment. 

A Warzone player uploaded a clip of their encounter with a cheater using the tactical glitch to continuously spam stun grenades at their teammate. The enemy clearly had more than the two stun grenades that players can typically carry and made it almost impossible for them to move. They were forced to sit there as the constant bombardment of stun grenades continued. 

Infinity Ward confirmed yesterday that it’s working on a fix for the issue and implementing it as soon as possible. Many fans are upset that they still have to deal with the problem in the meantime, especially since it makes it almost impossible to win if someone uses the exploit in their matches. 

Many popular streamers, such as Symfuhny and TeePee, complained about the issue yesterday. Dozens of players responded with their own experiences with the glitch. Most people using the exploit seem to be using Stim to survive in the gas at the end of the game, though. Some streamers, such as Cloakzy, have asked for the Stim to be removed until the issue is fixed. 

For now, Warzone players will have to continue to wait until Infinity Ward fixes the issue. It might be best to stick to multiplayer over the weekend if possible or just hope you don’t encounter a cheater.