A Call of Duty: Warzone healing glitch is allowing players to survive in the gas

Another day, another glitch.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone has a new glitch that allows players to stay alive in the gas indefinitely by using unlimited stim shots. Dozens of players have reported the issue and Infinity Ward is working on resolving the problem. 

Popular streamer Symfuhny posted a clip today of an enemy player using the bug to stay alive in the gas. The player continuously used stim shots to avoid death and seemed to have an unlimited amount. Players normally carry a maximum of two stim shots, but the new game-breaking bug allows players to heal in the gas continuously. 

Call of Duty League commentator Maven also explained his experiences with the bug and how he’s lost four matches in a row because of the glitch. 

TeePee, another popular Call of Duty streamer, expressed his disappointment with Warzone’s current state and said it’s more broken than before. A previous bug caused a texture glitch to block the entire screen when certain weapons were equipped and made it impossible to fight enemies. This glitch was supposedly removed, but some players are still encountering the issue

The new healing bug seems to be affecting all platforms and is a significant problem. Infinity Ward’s senior communications manager, Ashton Williams, confirmed that the company is aware of the issue and working on a fix. Infinity Ward released a patch earlier today to fix the AS VAL and SP-R-208 and fans can likely expect a similar fix for the stim shot glitch soon.