Infinity Ward adds vehicles back to Call of Duty: Warzone in today’s playlist update

They're back.

Image via Activision

Infinity Ward has some good news for Call of Duty fans who missed the sweet sounds of helicopters, trucks, and quads in Warzone—they’re back.

Vehicles were temporarily removed from Warzone last week after a game-breaking bug was discovered that kicked players. Infinity Ward added vehicles back into Warzone in today’s playlist update.

Driving a vehicle to a specific location on the map’s edge caused the game to freeze and kick every player from the match. After players abused this glitch repeatedly and it severely impacted the game experience of the community, Infinity Ward made the call to remove all vehicles from the game.

While the lack of vehicles temporarily solved the issue, Warzone is a battle royale with a huge map. Having to trek the entirety of the map to avoid the circle closing certainly made dropping on the outskirts tedious.

With the bug now seemingly fixed, players shouldn’t be able to drive past the map border and cause the match to freeze anymore.