All 16 classic MW2 maps are officially coming to Modern Warfare 3 at release

Call of Duty fans been dreaming of days like this.

Buildings on Modern Warfare 2's 2009 Favela map.
Image via Infinity Ward

Hype is building for Modern Warfare 3, and with confirmation that all 16 maps from 2009’s ultra-popular Modern Warfare 2 will be available in MW3 at launch, the excitement is only going to continue ramping up.

For many, 2009’s MW2 is the absolute pinnacle of Call of Duty, and if you’re like me, your memory is full of the antics, hijinks, and quickscopes you pulled off on the game’s maps with your friends.

Now, we will officially get the chance to relive our CoD glory days, with confirmation that all 16 of the game’s classic maps will be available in the game when MW3 launches on Nov. 10.

The classic Call of Duty map rust, showing a rusting rig in the desert towering over a sandy environment.
We’ll be heading back to our roots on maps like Rust. Image via Activision

While leaks claimed that this would be the case, CharlieIntel has confirmed this is happening, thanks to the phone number spotted in the first MW3 teaser trailer.

On Aug. 16, CharlieIntel revealed that if you text the names of the maps from 2009 to this number, it will reply back with confirmation that they will be in the game.

Unsurprisingly, fans are delighted to hear their favorite maps are returning to the series, replying to the tweet saying “CoD is back,” and that the game will be “awesome.”

This news means we can start preparing to run across the iconic Terminal airport, snipe across Highrise from the two spawn buildings, and get into close-quarters combat on the narrow streets of Favela, just like we did 14 years ago.

This isn’t the first time this magical phone number has made CoD fans happy either. On Aug. 15, it confirmed that Sledgehammer is undoing one of Infinity Ward’s most controversial changes, with red dots returning to the minimap in MW3.

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