Apex Legends fan creates website to track all World’s Edge Easter eggs

Players can submit new findings as well.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been on a mission to find all of the Easter eggs in World’s Edge. And now, one fan made keeping track of them a whole lot easier.

The fan posted their website, Apexegghunt.com, on Reddit today, which gives up-to-date locations, images, and pictures of all the new map’s Easter eggs. The savvy player claims to have aggregated all the data into one place to “coordinate the search” and make it easier to add new discoveries.

“To help the community coordinate the search and provide everybody with up-to-date accurate data, I made this simple website where you can share your findings and be informed of the newest discoveries,” the player said.

The list of discovered Easter eggs includes plenty of pictures of puppers. Fans also found Big Bang Pizza boxes on Capitol City rooftops, which is a nod to the Titanfall series, and a meteor shooting by at the Refinery.

Although players have been casually finding Easter eggs since the battle royale’s first season, the search became more serious after Respawn senior level designer Rodney Reece told fans earlier this month that only half of them had been found.

To submit a newly-discovered Easter egg, fans can fill out a form on Apexegghunt.com that includes your contact information, a description of the findings, and a picture or video.