Apex Legends level designer says half the Easter eggs in World’s Edge haven’t been found yet

The hunt continues.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Put the gun-shooting, grenade-chucking, and train-hopping action aside⁠—Apex Legends players have Easter eggs to find.

Respawn senior level designer Rodney Reece informed Apex fans yesterday that there are still plenty of Easter eggs that haven’t been found on season three’s new map, World’s Edge.

“It’s been a month now, and half the Easter Eggs have not been found yet in World’s Edge,” Reece said.

While some players claim to be “too busy” getting third-partied or dodging lasers to search World’s Edge, others enjoy the hunt for mysterious and hidden messages from the developers.

A few savvy fans already found some Easter eggs that made their way into Apex’s new map.

A Big Bang Pizza box was found on a rooftop in Capitol City, which is a reference to the Titanfall series.

And Respawn devs definitely love their Corgis. A framed picture of one hangs on a wall in World’s Edge, which is likely an actual picture of a developer’s furry friend. Fans previously found a Corgi in the Training Grounds, as well as a picture of one in Kings Canyon.

Players claimed to have also found several street signs named after Respawn developers littered around the map.

Despite the community’s success in unearthing all these Easter eggs, there’s still plenty more to go.