The best team comps in Apex Legends

Get ready to dominate the competition with these legends.

Ballistic bows his head and stretches out his arms in front of the legend displays at the Monument POI.
Image via Respawn Entertainment

Building a good team comp is important if you’re taking improving at Apex Legends seriously. At all levels of the game, it’s important to figure out which characters work best.

Whatever your level in Apex is, you’ve most likely noticed by now that some squad compositions work better than others. If you’re trying to gain ground in the ranked ladder or just trying to improve in the game generally, it’s important to know which characters have useful synergies in their abilities and which don’t.

Below, you’ll find some of the best team comps you can pick in Apex. Generally speaking, the best legend to pick is usually the one you’re most comfortable with. But if you intentionally try to learn other characters to be able to fit into a bunch of different compositions, you’ll quickly see results in your own gameplay.

Valkyrie, Seer, and Catalyst: Play like a pro

Catalyst manipulates a blob of ferrofluid as it floats in the air above her hand.
The perfect balance. Image via Respawn Entertainment

While this comp isn’t quite as prevalent as it was a few months ago for many ALGS teams, it’s still a sort of “do-it-all” option for those people willing to put in the time to learn the intricacies of characters like Catalyst and Seer. That said, you may need to learn to play a bit differently, since Seer has been pretty significantly reworked, with him no longer being able to see through Catalyst’s Dark Veil at all.

Find defensible positions early

Clearly, with a legend like Catalyst, you’re able to defend and hold down positions. Catalyst particularly excels in buildings, where she can reinforce doors and deny other entryways with her Piercing Spikes tactical.

Seer and Valkyrie can scout ahead to make sure there are no teams lying in wait on the other side of a door or a wall. And with Catalyst’s ability to use Ring Consoles, you can find where a game is heading and use Valkyrie’s ultimate to get to an endgame position quicker than anyone else.

Go on the attack

This composition can also be deadly on the offensive, and it all comes down to the use of Catalyst’s Dark Veil ultimate and Seer’s Exhibit ultimate in tandem. If you’re pushing a team with this comp, or if you’re being pushed, it’s generally a good idea to put both of these ultimates down at the same time, severely hindering enemy vision and mobility while giving your squad all the information they need on enemy positions.

Despite the changes to Seer’s ult, this is still a worthwhile strategy. Just make sure you have Seer put Exhibit down first, or at least outside of Catalyst’s Veil. Otherwise, your information gain will be severely limited. With the changes brought alongside Revenant’s rebirth in season 18, Seer’s tactical has been nerfed in duration for both its slow and silence effects. Because of this, your Seer players will need you to take advantage of their utility quickly to keep this comp effective.

Valkyrie’s role here is a pretty easy one: be a good fight initiator and scout with her Missile Swarm and VTOL Jets, and then use the Skyward Dive ultimate when absolutely necessary.

Ballistic, Mad Maggie, and Bloodhound: Speed kills

Ballistic aims his Whistler pistol at a downed Ash.
Macro? What macro? Image via Respawn Entertainment

Ballistic is here to make your team better at fighting. So why not go all in on being the best fighting team you possibly can be? Rip, tear, and speed through your enemies with this ultimate teamfight composition.

Speed buffs on speed buffs

This is pretty simple: Ballistic’s Tempest ultimate buffs your team’s reload and armed movement speed. Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball ultimate also buffs your team’s movement speed. And Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt ultimate buffs your own movement speed. You see where I’m going with this?


Stack your movement speed buffs together along with the quicker reload speeds gained from Ballistic’s ultimate and your team is terrifyingly fast.

If you want to eke that extra bit of juice out of the composition, you can even make sure your Mad Maggie is running a shotgun so her passive ability allows her to move a little bit faster. These speed buffs alone will give you a sizable advantage in many fights, and you can close the gaps on enemies after securing opening damage easily.

Use your tacticals wisely

It can be tempting, when fighting with this composition, to also just throw in Mad Maggie’s Riot Drill and Ballistic’s Whistler to help turn the fight in your favor even more. Overkill is underrated, right?

The negative to this team is that it doesn’t really have a character that can help give you a free reset after a fight is over. And if you’re going to be fighting often, you’re also going to need to figure out how to deal with the inevitable third parties that come your way. Having the Whistler, the Riot Drill, and even one of Bloodhound’s scans can make the difference in delaying a third party just long enough for you and your team to heal up and fully recover for the next fight. Your speed buffs should help carry you in the first fight, so consider saving that tactical ability just in case.

With the season 18 update, Ballistic’s Whistler has also been buffed a bit, reducing the delay before an overheated weapon starts cooling down and how long it takes an overheated weapon to cool down, so it’s more useful than ever.

Bet on yourself

Ultimately, this comp relies on your own fighting ability. It’s filled with characters that are strong but need to be manned by people who know what they’re doing while shooting a weapon since there aren’t any easy-to-use damaging abilities.

If you’re the type of player who finds yourself relying on legends that allow you to feel like you have an impact despite not being the best shot in the world, this might not be the one for you. Sure, Bloodhound scans can be useful, and the Riot Drill can definitely dish out some damage without you needing to aim too hard. But success in this comp comes down to gun skill and teamfighting, and if you’re unsure about those things, look elsewhere.

Loba, Rampart, Wraith: The zone specialists

Loba, dressed in a biker jacket and wielding a 30-30 Repeater, hides behind a rock.
Find the best endgame spot and defend it. Image via Respawn Entertainment

Rampart is the trendy pro pick at the moment, and with the buff that Loba received with the new Support class perks in season 17, we figured it was time to bust out a comp for those who just want to find the best place in the endgame and secure good placements game after game.

Less looting, more rotating

If you’re playing this composition and trying to get to a good endgame position, you’re most likely not looking for a hot drop and will probably land in a non-contested POI. And when you have all that space to yourself, it’s tempting to loot every single nook, cranny, and loot bin in sight.

Stop doing that. The entire point of running Loba is so your team gets free access to all the loot they need in later circles via the Black Market Boutique. Sure, if that last circle is in the middle of nowhere, away from a POI, that might not yield the most loot in the world. But as the game goes on, and more and more death boxes and care packages pop up closer to you, you and your team will be fine. Rampart even comes with a fully-kitted minigun of her own. Stop taking so long looking for the best possible weapons and attachments early on in the game and start rotating to wherever that circle is going to go faster. Hit a balloon, put an Evac Tower to good use, whatever it takes. Loba’s teleport cooldown was recently decreased to 25 seconds, so you really have no excuse to not hustle.

Set up shop

Ideally, your Rampart is using a Ring Console at the very beginning of a game to see what direction a game is going, and your team is off to the races. It’s important to find a good defensible position with this composition, however.

Buildings are ideal as Rampart can use her Amped Cover to effectively block off doorways and create strongholds, but using that Amped Cover to extend the natural cover of rocks or other structures outdoors is useful, too. Just don’t rely on the Amped Cover to last if it’s placed out in the open. Especially if more than one team is looking at you, those walls are easy to destroy and your team quickly turns into sitting ducks.

Wraith is also very useful in this department later on in the game as your team can wriggle into a nook or cranny under pressure safely with her portal. If a zone pull doesn’t go the way you thought it was going to, keep that in your back pocket while looking for the next place you can safely play from.

Run away when you’re losing a fight

No, seriously. Just run away. That goes double if it’s early on in the game and you lose a player, and even more so if you lose two of them. With Loba in your squad and the Support class change allowing anyone with a Support legend in their team to go craft respawn banners anywhere else, and not just the Support legend themselves, it doesn’t make sense to stay and try to fight if you’re at a clear disadvantage.

Rampart is a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to getting out of danger, but both Wraith and Loba come with a kit that makes quick getaways more feasible. You don’t even have to stay and collect the banners from a teammate’s death box since the timer doesn’t have any effect on crafting a banner at a Replicator somewhere else. Just run. You’re trying to maximize your points through placements, but you’re not getting those placement points if you don’t survive the first minute of the game. Get far away from any enemies, respawn your teammates, and get a fresh start to the game.

Mad Maggie, Ballistic, Octane: Too Fast too furious

Octane holds out his Heirloom Butterfly knife, complete with Stim fluid inside.
Gotta go fast. Image via Respawn Entertainment

This comp is fairly similar to the previous Mad Maggie/Ballistic one, just focused on being even faster. With their powers combined, these Legends can let you run circles around your competition.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

As we already discussed, Maggie’s Wrecking Ball leaves behind pads that boost speed, and Ballistic’s Tempest increases allies’ reload and armed movement speed. Pairing that with Octane’s Stim ability and his constant healing passive, along with equipping a shotgun on Maggie to give her an additional speed boost, allows you to have some pretty extreme zoomies. 

If your enemies aren’t expecting it, it’s easy to use this elevated speed to take them by surprise and get those kill points and/or a better position as the ring closes. You can also use their ungodly speed to play edge, staying just outside of circles as they move to pick your opponents off while they rotate. 

Don’t get greedy

With your overwhelming speed, it’s easy to get a bit too bloodthirsty with this composition, especially given Octane’s skirmisher role and Maggie’s need to get up close and personal with enemies for her shotgun to be effective. But don’t let yourself get blinded by seeing red. 

Only Octane can regenerate health over time out of these three, and even he will need extra healing items if you’re using his Stim frequently. Beyond that, if you’re not paying attention, your ambush can quickly turn into a third-partying situation where you’re no longer the one with the upper hand. Using your superior acceleration at the right time is key to making the most of this composition. 

As mentioned in the earlier similar comp, it’s also important to mete out your tactical abilities intelligently with these three. They don’t have a ton of reset utility, making it essential to have tools like Maggie’s Riot Drill or Ballistic’s Whistler on hand to deal with third-party attacks. Utilizing Octane’s jump pad to get better positioning or to escape from third-party aggression is also a must with this comp. 

Newcastle, Lifeline, Bangalore: Battlefield medics

Bangalore, armed with a Triple Take and with a bandolier slung across her torso, advances while explosions rock Kings Canyon behind her.
Battlefield-tested, family-approved. Image via Respawn Entertainment

We recommend this trio for those who are maybe not the most aggressive and are instead more focused on surviving through to the final circle of each match. These three are all about healing and defensive utility, making them tough to take out without some extreme third-party action. 

Smoke to survive

This squad is able to take fights because of how durable they are, especially when their utility is used in combination well. Bangalore’s smokescreen is a great cover for both Newcastle and Lifeline to lay down their healing/shield abilities with less pressure during fights. This is especially true if you need to get a revive off since both are able to move while rezzing. You can use the smoke to hide your movements, simultaneously saving your teammate and potentially confusing your enemies by repositioning as you do it. 

If you capitalize on opportunities like this, you can catch your enemies off guard and ambush them to get kills tactically rather than having to rely on pure aggression or aim ability. 

Hunker down up high to third-party

The advantage of this squad lies in its support and defensive utility more than its aggressive capabilities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t harass other teams while using it. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

Instead of aggressively taking fair fights with other squads, you should instead look for opportunities to third-party other squads from higher ground. You can use Bangalore’s ultimate artillery strike to completely surprise squads that are scuffling below you, all while sheltering behind Newcastle’s shield. 

Should these squads survive your aerial attack and want to take the fight to you, they’ll have to contend with that shield, along with Bangalore’s smoke and her huge reserves of ammo. Combining that with Lifeline’s healing and her ability to call in extra supplies can make you practically immovable if you have the high ground, turning enemy assaults into a meat grinder for you to rack up kills. 

Caustic, Bangalore, Bloodhound: Tactical hunters

Caustic slams down his bright yellow Sledgehammer Heirloom.
Punish anyone who pushes. Image via Respawn Entertainment

This team setup is all about tracking your opponents down and then smoking them into oblivion. Their combined utility allows these Legends to move through smoke easily, turning the visual chaos to their advantage. 

Smoke them in, not out

Trapping your opponents in closed-in areas with lots of smoke is a huge advantage for this squad because two out of the three have the ability to see through the fumes. 

Caustic’s passive allows him to see any enemies that are within range of his gas canisters/ultimate, and Bloodhound’s utility–both their scan and their footprint vision–allows both legends to see through the clouds to find opponents. Bloodhound’s scan will also give that sight to Bangalore briefly, giving her the ability to track enemies during that period as well. 

Bangalore can also prove extremely useful in these situations, as she can carry extra ammo and move faster when being fired upon. Have your professional soldier lead the charge in your smoke trap while Bloodhound and Caustic lurk in the fumes and pick them off from the flanks. 

Cause chaos

This trio is also well-suited for leaning into third-party action. Bloodhound can track squads down so you can follow them. Once they’re engaged in combat and starting to take hits, your team can start making their lives difficult. 

Smoke them, strike them with your artillery, poison them. Use whatever cover you can to harass other teams and snatch kills. Bloodhound’s tracking will give you the advantage to see what’s happening, even when the fray has devolved completely, so use your abilities to shift control of these fights in your favor and get some relatively easy kills. 

Revenant, Pathfinder, Wraith: Bloodlust on the go

Revenant Reborn holding Bloodhound up by the throat
Image via Respawn

Thanks to Revenant’s rebirth in season 18, the killer robot is more dangerous than ever. He has all-new abilities that work shockingly well in tandem with Pathfinder and Wraith, so long as you’re willing to be very mobile and very aggressive.

Use your mobility to take fights

All three of these Legends have movement abilities, some of which can even work in tandem to create some scary cool plays. Revenant’s new ultimate gives him a shield that’s considered to be interactable; Pathfinder can therefore attach his grappling hook to it. With Rev’s new tactical, Shadow Pounce, he can give Pathfinder even more range while swinging. Revenant’s shield also recharges each time he gets a knock, so you will be rewarded for aggressive play and can pass that utility onto your teammates for longer periods.

Beyond that, Revenant can replicate the old strategy of sticking Arc Stars to Wraith with his shield. Teammates can stick the explosives to his chest while shielded and have him pounce on enemy squads without taking any friendly fire damage.

By adding Wraith to this squad, you give yourself the ability to bombard your opponents with this kind of ambush, as you can employ the old and new strategy at once or in waves. The season 18 update reduced the cooldown on her Dimensional Rift ultimate, giving you even more opportunities to use it and remain mobile.

All that said, it’s important to remember that Revenant isn’t a full-fledged tank now, and he doesn’t have the fortitude of characters like Gibraltar or Caustic. You’ll need to use his mobility to get the jump on your opponents, rather than trying to just mow them down.

Play edge as much as you can

Because all three of these characters can move around so quickly and easily, you should stick to the edges of circles as much as possible with this comp. This will allow you to make the most of Revenant’s new ability to see wounded enemies, giving you an information boost that can help you pick off stragglers or choose worthwhile third-parties to take.

If you find yourself in trouble or outside of the ring, all of your team should be able to escape fairly easily, giving you an advantage while hunting down other players on the run from the storm. You should pretty much always be looking to flank and come up behind other squads so you can make the most of your movement advantages.

The best team compositions in Apex Legends, summarized

When you’re choosing from the best team compositions in Apex Legends, you’ll have a few different options:

  • Valkyrie, Seer, and Catalyst
    • Take advantage of combining Seer’s Exhibit ability with Catalyst’s Dark Veil ultimate while having Valkyrie initiate fights.
  • Ballistic, Mad Maggie, and Bloodhound
    • Use Ballistic’s Tempest ultimate to increase team reload and armed movement speed, Mad Maggie’s Wrecking Ball ultimate to buff movement speed, and Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt to buff individual movement speed.
    • Stacking all of the speed buffs together should be your goal.
  • Loba, Rampart, and Wraith
    • Use Rampart’s Ring Console at the beginning of the game to begin planning where your team can set up defensive positions for late game battles.
    • Wraith can be used to help your team manuever, Loba will use her Black Market Boutique to gather items, and Rampart can use Amped Cover to block off doorways.
  • Mad Maggie, Ballistic, and Octane
    • Another composition that focuses on stacking reload speed and movement speed buffs.
  • Newcastle, Lifeline, Bangalore
    • Better for defensive play, this team uses Bangalore’s smokescreen to lay down cover while Newcastle and Lifeline provide the team with healing/shield abilities.
  • Caustic, Bangalore, Bloodhound
    • Using Bangalore and Caustic to surround enemy teams with smoke while Bloodhound’s tracking gives the team vision through the smoke.
  • Revenant, Pathfinder, Wraith
    • Each of these legends has movement abilities to help the team get around, and Revenant’s new tactical Shadow Pounce can extend Pathfinder’s swinging range.

These are the best team compositions in Apex Legends, but using them to their full potential will rely on speaking and coordinating with your teammates. Good luck!


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