Apex Legends community divided over camping meta

Fans take to Reddit to discuss a controversial strategy in ranked.

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Season two of Apex Legends brought plenty of changes to the meta and some of them have been causing controversy among fans. Players are voicing their opinions on Reddit about a commonly-used tactic in the battle royale genre: camping.

In one heated Reddit post, a player explained how camping is a huge issue in season two. Essentially, when a team camps in Apex, they shy away from fighting to not risk dying. This way, they last longer than other teams and place higher, earning more Ranked Points (RP). The way ranked is set up, players earn more RP from placing in the top three than they do if they get five or more kills. 

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“Currently, there is no way outside of hiding and avoiding combat to place as high as possible to gain decent and consecutive RP,” the player said. “There are lots of mechanics to this TEAM game but none of them have any RP gain outside of kills and placement.” Assists on kills, damage dealt and getting over five kills don’t earn players any RP.

The player did offer some solutions that would encourage aggressive play in ranked mode:

  • +1 RP per match for your squad when you successfully respawn someone. Capped at 1 RP per match regardless of the number of respawns. Limited only to deaths via enemy damage.
  • +RP for kill assists or squad wide credit.
  • +1 RP for every 1,000 damage capped at two or three. Snipers contribute less damage to this.
  • +RP for kills that scales with rank. Keep kill cap at five.

Although the passive playstyle of Apex’s ranked meta irks some fans, others find it interesting.

In another Reddit post, one fan believes the end of games are far more exciting in the camping meta than they used to be. 

“In those early fights, no one is that geared up meaning some people [are] at an obvious disadvantage and get dropped easy,” the fan said. “At the end game, everyone has very good gear killing people easier, but staying alive longer.” 

A fight is far more interesting if players are equally matched, rather than relying on early-game luck to get gear before they're shot down by another team. The end game circle also forces players to converge simultaneously, creating an exciting warzone with multiple teams fighting it out until a victor is declared.

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Image via Respawn Entertainment

The addition of Wattson, Apex’s newest legend, has further solidified the camping meta. Wattson’s defensive abilities have led to her heavy usage in higher ranks. It's common to see the inside of a building decked out with electrified fences during the final circle, while desperate enemies try to unsuccessfully storm in.

Here's some advice for players fed up with the camping meta: If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em.