WoW devs have huge plans for Timewalking in the future

It won't be just dungeons.

WoW Firelands complete view of raid.
Firelands brings back one of WoW's most famous bosses. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The only way to travel through time and relive the old World of Warcraft expansions is to wait for a Timewalking event to hit the live servers. Even then, Timewalking is mainly narrowed down to only Timewalking dungeons. But all that will change in the future because the WoW devs have huge plans for Timewalking.

On April 26, game director Ion Hazzikostas and WoW content creator and caster Dan “Mr. GM” discussed the future of the game. In this interview, the game director shared the devs have huge plans to expand the Timewalking events beyond just Timewalking dungeons.

“Ideally, in some future world, when it’s Mists Timewalking, that means there are dungeons, raid, and world activities,” Hazzikostas said.

Essentially, this would expand the Timewalking events to other types of content like raiding and open-world activities. Although you can always complete Timwalking raids during the event, they are generally not popular in the community and players struggle to put together their raids in the first place. 

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When discussing Timewalking raids with Mr. GM, Hazzikostas explained that Timewalking was designed around supporting queued experiences, namely dungeons, and it’s difficult to design a Looking-for-Raid tool to work perfectly for Timewalking raids. That’s why Hazzikostas and the dev team are discussing the option to make old dungeons inaccessible for transmog runs during the Timewalking week.

For example, if it’s The Burning Crusade Timewalking week, you won’t be able to run the Black Temple for transmogs and you’ll simply have to come back the next week.

All these changes are further down the road, but obviously, Blizzard has been toying with various ideas and is really open to suggestions on how to improve the game. In the meantime, WoW players can enjoy the new patch, Patch 10.1, coming out on May 2 and the new Dragonflight season on May 9.

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