All Mage Tower rewards in WoW Dragonflight

Show us the loot!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Are you fired up to once again take on the challenge of Mage Tower and showcase your game knowledge and class understanding to those pesky bosses just waiting to take you down because Dragonflight’s Patch 10.0.5 is bringing it back. Before you pack your bags, grind the necessary gear from previous expansions, and head to the Broken Shore, you might want to make a look at the rewards you’ll be fighting for.

To leave you more time for preparation and strategizing, we’ve put together all Mage Tower rewards available in Dragonflight.

All Mage Tower rewards in WoW Dragonflight

When talking about the Mage Tower rewards in Dragonflight, it’s a good-news-bad-news situation. The good news is that all Mage Tower rewards from Shadowlands are returning and the bad news is that there are no new rewards.

So, Legion-themed class sets are making a return in their full glow. Designed as improved iterations of Tomb of Sargeras tier gear, these sets have additional particle effect and are using tier mythic sets or Elite versions as a foundation. You can find all the tier sets and their appearances here. To get these Legion-inspired sets, you’ll need to complete challenges for your class and specializations.

Druids will once again the opportunity to complete the tank challenge and obtain a new bear form known as Fel Werebear. This bear form is again an iteration of the Warebear form originally available during Legion. Unfortunately, the original Warebear form is no longer available as the devs intended to keep this reward exclusive. 

The last, and probably, the best reward you can get from Mage Tower is the Soaring Spelltome Mount. Designed as arcane brimming with pink effects, Soaring Spelltome Mount has a special riding effect that has your character leafing through an invisible book. To collect this mount as a yet another Pokémon, you’ll need complete all seven challenges available in Mage Tower. Bear in mind you don’t need to complete this on all classes in the game, but only on a handful of classes. The best class combinations are Mage/Monk and Druid/Hunter because those combinations can do six of the seven challenges.