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How to trade in Warframe

Trading with other players is essential to save Platinum

Trading with other players in Warframe is an excellent strategy to bypass the most repetitive farming. If you’re after blueprints for Prime equipment or a Mod that just won’t drop, you can exchange some Platinum with another player to get it. Here’s the process to do that.

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Every way to trade with other players in Warframe

In Warframe, you can make trades at a Clan Dojo or Maroo’s Bazar. The difference is that trading in a Clan Dojo requires inviting the other player to the Dojo for the trade, meaning you need to settle on the trade terms in advance via trade chat or external trading platforms. At Maroo’s Bazar, you can set your item at a fixed price and leave your items there for anyone to make an offer directly in the game, skipping the active search for a buyer. But you can also make direct trades with other players at Maroo’s Bazar.

For both trading methods, you need to be at Mastery Rank two or above and have two-factor authentication enabled on your account. Here are the steps for both types of trades.

How to trade via Clan Dojo in Warframe

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To trade with other Warframe players through a Clan Dojo, one participant must be part of a Clan that has a Dojo. Then, the person in the Dojo can invite the other player to join them, letting them arrive directly at the location, regardless of Clan membership. Here’s how the process works step by step:

  1. Go to your Clan’s Dojo if you’re inviting the other party.
  2. Invite the player by typing “/invite [username]” or by clicking their name in the chat and then clicking Invite.
  3. Wait for the player to accept the invitation, and they’ll be automatically transported to your Dojo. If you’re the one being invited, just open the main menu and accept the invite at the bottom.
  4. At the Trading Post, choose the player you wish to trade with. They will get a notification.
    • If you’re receiving the invitation, check the player’s name and agree to the trade.
  5. In the trade window, click an empty slot to add what you’re offering (gear, mods, or Platinum).
  6. Wait for the other party to add their items.
  7. If everything matches the agreement, tick the Check when Ready to Trade box.
  8. Once both players are ready, the trade will be finalized.

How to trade via Maroo’s Bazar in Warframe

A screenshot of the Warframe player setting up shop at Maroo's Bazar.
Set it up and wait. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Trading at Maroo’s Bazar eliminates the requirement of being in a Clan with a Dojo and might also let you not actively search for a trade partner, depending on the server population where you are playing. The main difference is that you’ll display your items for everyone, allowing potential trade partners to approach you with offers. If their offer is interesting, you can finish the trade. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Open your Navigation menu and go to Mars.
  2. Choose the Maroo’s Bazar node located at the bottom right.
  3. Navigate through the hangar until you reach the trading area.
  4. To sell, access your Gear menu and select Set Up Shop.
    • To buy, look for other players who are set up to sell, and interact with them to view their items.
  5. Fill the empty slots with the items and amounts you’re offering.
  6. Hit Accept Items to make your trade offers visible to others.
  7. Wait for someone to approach you with an offer and review it.
  8. If the offer is what you want, complete the trade.

This method allows you to engage in trading without the need for a Clan Dojo by offering a platform where you can directly interact with buyers and sellers in Maroo’s Bazar.

The best way to find trades in Warframe

Both methods are equally decent to trade in Warframe, but the best way to find a trade partner is by using This website is like a giant, off-game Maroo’s Bazar, where players list what items they want to buy or sell. You can use the site’s search bar to find what you want and click one button to directly copy the exact trade message you need to send to the buyer or seller inside the game. Then, you can just paste the message if you’re on PC and wait for their invite. I personally did over 10 trades using the site and all of them were fast and straightforward, even with new, unrated sellers.

The site has different tabs for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch, so choose the appropriate platform before starting your negotiations.

Trade limitations in Warframe

The main restriction to trading with other players in Warframe is you can only do four trades a day. Plus, every trade costs you some Credits, no matter what you’re trading for. The more stuff you trade and the rarer it is, the more Credits it’ll cost you. For example, if you want to buy Platinum, it’ll cost you 500 Credits a piece. These Credits don’t go anywhere; they’re just a limitation to in-game trades.

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