VCT Masters Reykjavík 2022: VALORANT scores, schedule, and brackets

The first international VALORANT clash of the year.

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The first stage of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour is all set to conclude at the first international event of the year at VCT Masters Reykjavík.

Upon the VCT’s return to Reykjavík after a year, eight of the 12 competing teams will meet in a two-group group stage, with the top two teams from each group moving on to join the four top seeds out of NA, EMEA, APAC, and Brazil/LATAM. The Guard, G2, Paper Rex, and LOUD will await the group stage teams in the double-elimination playoff bracket.

The 12 teams are fighting for a yet-to-be-determined prize pool and a maximum of 750 VCT circuit points that will go toward qualification for VCT Champions at the end of the year.

Participating teams

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The 12 teams have been determined by their placement in their respective regional VCT Challengers events.

  • EMEA: G2 Esports, Fnatic, Team Liquid*
  • North America: The Guard, OpTic Gaming
  • APAC: Paper Rex, XERXIA
  • Korea: DRX VS
  • Brazil: LOUD
  • Latin America: KRÜ Esports
  • Winner of LATAM vs. Brazil Playoff: Ninjas in Pyjamas (Brazil)

*FunPlus Phoenix, the EMEA Challengers One winners, will not attend Masters Reykjavík due to travel and COVID restrictions. Team Liquid, who finished fourth in EMEA, has been invited to take their spot.


Here are the groups for Masters Reykjavík:

  • Group A: Fnatic, NiP, DRX, ZETA DIVISION
  • Group B: OpTic, XERXIA, KRÜ, Liquid
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Each group is a GSL-style group, serving as its own smaller double-elimination bracket. The first two teams to win two matches will move on to the playoffs, and the first two teams to lose two matches will be eliminated.

Playoff bracket

Here is the playoff bracket for VCT Masters Reykjavík.

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Schedule and scores

All match times are listed in CT and subject to change/delays.

Sunday, April 10

Monday, April 11

Tuesday, April 12

  • 10am CT: DRX 2-0 NiP (DRX 13-4 Icebox, DRX 13-8 Breeze)
    • DRX advances to playoffs.
  • 1pm CT: OpTic 2-0 KRÜ (OpTic 13-5 Bind, OpTic 13-10 Ascent)
    • KRÜ is eliminated.
  • 4pm CT: ZETA 2-0 Fnatic (ZETA 13-7 Fracture, ZETA 13-11 Icebox)
    • Fnatic is eliminated.

Wednesday, April 13

  • 11am CT: OpTic 2-0 XERXIA (OpTic 13-9 Fracture, OpTic 13-6 Haven)
    • OpTic advances to playoffs. XERXIA is eliminated.
  • 2pm CT: ZETA 2-1 NiP (NiP 13-6 Split, ZETA 13-10 Icebox, ZETA 14-12 Fracture)
    • ZETA advances to playoffs. NiP is eliminated.

Thursday, April 14

  • 12pm CT: G2 2-0 ZETA (G2 13-7 Split, G2 13-10 Bind)
  • 3pm CT: LOUD 2-1 Liquid (LOUD 13-10 Icebox, Liquid 13-3 Haven, LOUD 13-10 Ascent)

Friday, April 15

Saturday, April 16

Sunday, April 17

  • 12pm CT: OpTic 2-1 DRX (DRX 13-8 Ascent, OpTic 13-11 Icebox, OpTic 15-13 Split)
  • 3pm CT: LOUD 2-0 G2 (LOUD 13-5 Ascent, LOUD 13-11 Breeze)

Monday, April 18

  • 12pm CT: ZETA 2-1 DRX (ZETA 13-11 Icebox, DRX 13-10 Ascent, ZETA 13-4 Split)
  • 3pm CT: Paper Rex 2-0 G2 (Paper Rex 13-10 Split, Paper Rex 13-7 Bind)

Friday, April 22

  • 12pm CT: LOUD 2-1 OpTic (OpTic 13-2 Fracture, LOUD 13-8 Ascent, LOUD 13-11 Icebox)
  • 3pm CT: ZETA 2-1 Paper Rex (Paper Rex 13-6 Icebox, ZETA 13-2 Haven, ZETA 13-10 Split)

Saturday, April 23

  • 12pm CT: OpTic 3-0 ZETA (OpTic 15-13 Haven, OpTic 13-5 Fracture, OpTic 13-8 Bind)

Sunday, April 24

  • 12pm CT: OpTic 3-0 LOUD (OpTic 13-9 Ascent, OpTic 14-12 Bind, OpTic 15-13 Breeze)
    • OpTic is the 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavík champion.

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