Team Liquid outlast XERXIA in 3-game slog-fest, are first team out of Group B

The European representatives will join four other teams in the playoffs.

Photo by Lance Skundrich via Riot Games

Team Liquid is the first team from Group B to qualify for the VCT Masters Reykjavík playoffs after a 2-1 victory over XERXIA in a tight VALORANT epic.

Liquid came into Masters Reykjavík in place of FunPlus Phoenix, who was unable to attend due to travel restrictions. Despite this, Liquid has shown they are capable of performing with back-to-back victories over KRÜ Esports and XERXIA. With their wins, they become the first team from Group B to qualify for playoffs. They will join The Guard, G2 Esports, Paper Rex, and LOUD as the fifth team of eight competing for the Masters title.

For the first map against XERXIA, Liquid started out on their map pick of Split. Liquid showed why Split has been one of the better maps in their rotation by taking a decisive 13-7 victory over XERXIA. The two teams were tied at the half 6-6 and XERXIA won the first pistol round before Liquid took over in the second half, closing out the map with seven consecutive round wins. 

Where Liquid began to slip was on XERXIA’s pick of Icebox, which went the distance. Another 6-6 tie at the half allowed the score to fall in favor of either team. While Liquid took the initial pistol rounds, XERXIA was able to string together four round wins to bring things together before closing the game out with a 13-11 win over Liquid.

The final map of the series would be Ascent, the same map Liquid defeated KRÜ Esports on to move on in the bracket. Despite XERXIA taking a 7-5 lead at the half, Liquid pulled things back by taking multiple rounds in a row to gain the lead. But, Liquid was not able to hold that lead as XERXIA forced the overtime.

Liquid was able to secure the overtime 16-14 against KRÜ on Ascent yesterday and came through once again by taking the overtime against XERXIA ,17-15.

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