DRX pull off reverse sweep against Paper Rex in 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavík playoffs

They will each have to beat an NA team to move on in their respective brackets.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

DRX won their VCT Masters playoff match today against Paper Rex in a reverse sweep, sending them down to the lower bracket and forcing them to have to beat an NA team to avoid being eliminated.

Everything looked good for Paper Rex after a hard-fought first map on Haven. While the score wasn’t a runaway for the SEA team, the comeback on Haven was impressive. Paper Rex were down 8-4 going into the half, but once they switched sides, they dominated the second half of the match, giving them the first map in the series.

Bind, which was Paper Rex’s map pick, didn’t go so well for them. Jason “f0rsakeN” locked Yoru for the map, a surprising move considering Yoru rarely makes an appearance on the Masters stage. And although it can’t be said the Yoru pick was what made them lose the map, it certainly didn’t seem to help. The first few rounds started in favor of Paper Rex, but DRX took nine straight rounds from them and closed out the map 13-8.

The tie brought the two teams to Ascent, where Paper Rex started off with five round losses. They were able to take a few rounds in the first half, but it wasn’t enough to bring their momentum back. They ended up losing the map 13-8, allowing DRX to continue in the upper bracket.

Each team will now have to face an NA squad to advance to the next round in their respective brackets. DRX will play the winner of the OpTic Gaming vs The Guard match, while Paper Rex will face the loser in the lower bracket.