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We’re getting closer and closer to the climactic end of the first year of the VALORANT Champions Tour. And at VCT Champions, one team will be crowned the game’s first official world champion.

Sixteen teams from all around the world will compete for the lion’s share of $1 million and the honor of being the first to lift the Champions trophy. Here’s everything you need to know about VCT Champions in Berlin.

Teams attending VCT Champions

Sixteen teams from a variety of different regions will fly to Berlin to play on-stage. Here are all 16 teams that will be competing at VCT Champions, by region.

  • EMEA (Europe, CIS, Turkey): Acend, Gambit, Fnatic, Team Liquid
  • North America: Sentinels, Team Envy, Cloud9
  • Brazil: Vivo Keyd, Team Vikings, FURIA
  • Southeast Asia: X10 Esports, FULL SENSE, Team Secret
  • Korea: Vision Strikers
  • Japan: Crazy Raccoon
  • Latin America: KRU Esports

Sentinels, Crazy Raccoon, and KRU Esports will have the accolade of being the only three teams to attend Masters Reykjavík, Masters Berlin, and Champions.

VCT Champions format

The format of VCT Champions will be the same as the one at Masters Berlin. The 16 teams have been divided into four groups of four. Each group is its own GSL-style double-elimination bracket, meaning two teams will advance out of each pool. Groups were drawn based on “a combination of their respective final placements at Challenger events and the strength of their region,” according to Riot Games. Riot also made sure that teams from the same region weren’t in the same group together.

After the eight teams advance out of the group stage, they’ll be redrawn into a single-elimination bracket. All matches will be best-of-three, except for the best-of-five grand finals.


Here are the four groups for the VCT Champions group stage.

  • Group A: Acend, Team Envy, Vivo Keyd, X10 Esports
  • Group B: Sentinels, Team Liquid, FURIA, KRU Esports
  • Group C: Gambit, Crazy Raccoon, Team Secret, Team Vikings
  • Group D: Vision Strikers, Fnatic, Cloud9, FULL SENSE

Playoffs Bracket

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Here’s the full schedule of matches for VCT Champions. All times are CT and subject to change. Each match will be updated to include its result upon conclusion.

Wednesday, Dec. 1

Thursday, Dec. 2

  • 8am CT: Gambit 2-1 Team Secret (C) (Secret 13-6 Icebox, Gambit 13-0 Breeze, Gambit 13-6 Bind)
  • 11am CT: Sentinels 2-1 FURIA (B) (SEN 13-9 Ascent, FURIA 13-10 Breeze, SEN 13-9 Haven)
  • 2pm CT: Liquid 2-0 KRU (B) (13-5 Haven, 13-8 on Ascent)

Friday, Dec. 3

  • 8am CT: Acend 2-1 Vivo Keyd* (A) (Vivo Keyd 13-9 Ascent, Acend 13-3 Bind, Acend 13-9 Breeze*)
  • 11am CT: Fnatic 2-1 Vision Strikers (Fnatic 13-10 Icebox, Vision Strikers 13-10 Haven, Fnatic 13-6 Fracture) (Group D winners match)
  • 2pm CT: Envy 2-0 X10 CRIT (A) (Envy 13-8 Breeze, 13-7 Ascent)

*Riot has issued a competitive ruling that due to Vivo Keyd’s use of a Cypher exploit on Breeze, they forfeit the map and thus the series to Acend.

Saturday, Dec. 4*

  • 9am CT: Gambit 2-1 Vikings (Gambit 13-6 Split, Vikings 13-5 Bind, Gambit 14-12 Icebox) (Group C winners match)
  • 12pm CT: Liquid 2-1 Sentinels (Liquid 14-12 Breeze, SEN 13-2 Bind, Liquid 13-10 Split) (Group B winners match)

*Group A matches, including Envy vs. Acend, have been delayed to “provide additional time to review the ruling against Vivo Keyd,” per Riot.

Sunday, Dec. 5

  • 7:30am CT: Acend 2-1 Vivo Keyd (A) (Vivo Keyd 13-9 Ascent, Acend 13-3 Bind, Acend 13-10 Breeze)*
  • 8am CT: Team Secret 2-0 Crazy Raccoon (13-5 Split, 13-2 Haven) (Group C losers match)
  • 11am CT: KRU 2-1 FURIA (FURIA 13-11 Fracture, KRU 13-8 Ascent, KRU 13-9 Haven) (Group B losers match)
  • 2pm CT: Cloud9 Blue 2-0 FULL SENSE (13-7 Haven, 14-12 Breeze) (Group D losers match)

*After revisiting the ruling, Riot decided that map three would be replayed, but with Acend starting the map with a 7-0 lead.

Monday, Dec. 6

  • 8am CT: Acend 2-0 Envy (13-5 Ascent, 13-11 Bind) (Group A winners match)
  • 11am CT: X10 CRIT 2-0 Vivo Keyd (X10 13-6 Icebox, 13-5 Haven) (Group A losers match)
  • 2pm CT: KRU 2-1 Sentinels (SEN 13-7 Fracture, KRU 13-11 Haven, KRU 13-11 Split) (Group B deciders match)

Tuesday, Dec. 7

  • 8am: Cloud9 Blue 2-1 Vision Strikers (Cloud9 13-10 Ascent, Vision Strikers 13-9 Split, Cloud9 13-11 Breeze) (Group D deciders match)
  • 11am CT: Team Secret 2-0 Team Vikings (13-6 Haven, 13-7 Icebox) (Group C deciders match)
  • 2pm CT: X10 CRIT 2-1 Envy (Envy 13-10 Icebox, X10 13-8 Split, X10 14-12 Haven) (Group A deciders match)

Wednesday, Dec. 8

Thursday, Dec. 9

Saturday, Dec. 11

Sunday, Dec. 12

  • 11am CT: Acend 3-2 Gambit (Gambit 13-11 Breeze, Acend 13-7 Ascent, Gambit 13-3 Fracture, Acend 14-12 Icebox, Acend 13-8 Split) (Grand finals, best-of-five)

How to watch

Matches will be available on all the official VALORANT streams on both Twitch and YouTube. There will be no live audience in Berlin. There will be VCT Champions watch parties, but the list of streamers participating has not been announced yet.

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