Fnatic become first team to qualify for VALORANT Champions playoffs after defeating Vision Strikers

Fnatic are moving on to the playoffs.

Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

Fnatic took down Vision Strikers today in the Group D winners match and are the first team to qualify for the VALORANT Champions playoffs. 

Fnatic have continued to prove themselves as one of the best teams in Berlin that shouldn’t be overlooked. Many considered them one of the weaker teams from NA and EU, but they’re undefeated so far and have many rethinking their power rankings. Their latest victory was against Vision Strikers, the dominant Korean team who aren’t exactly easy to beat. 

Fnatic started the series on their map pick, Icebox, and immediately won the first five rounds. Vision Strikers managed to plant the Spike each round, but Fnatic consistently retook the sites to save the day. Vision Strikers didn’t let them run away with the win, though, and won the next six rounds to gain the lead. Stax won a one-vs-four situation in round nine, showing how effective he can be when isolated. Fnatic won the final round of the half to secure a 6-6 scoreline and an even playing field going into the second half. 

Vision Strikers started their defense strong with two round wins before Fnatic broke the streak in round 15. Vision Strikers answered back in round 16, but Fnatic won the next four rounds with a dominant offense. Doma and Derke secured 4Ks during this streak, putting their raw gun skill on display. Vision Strikers won one final round before Fnatic closed out the map 13-10. 

The first half on Haven was another back and forth affair as each team prevented the other from winning more than three rounds in a row. Fnatic did an excellent job on defense, although Vision Strikers made them work hard for every small victory. One of the best examples of this was Boaster narrowly preventing the Spike from being defused in round eight after almost every player used an ability to protect or attack the B site. The first half finished with another 6-6 stalemate, but this time it was Vision Striker’s turn to dominate the second half. 

Vision Strikers won the pistol and following round before Fnatic went on a four-round winning streak. But this was the last time the European team tasted victory on this map. Vision Strikers won the final five rounds to force the series to map three. 

Map three was Fracture, marking the second time Fnatic have played the newest map at VALORANT Champions. Fnatic are clearly comfortable on the map since they secured their second win on it against Vision Strikers. They only dropped three rounds in the first half, but Visions Strikers still put up an incredible fight. Round six came down to the wire. Each team traded kills, but Derke finally planted the Spike with only seconds to spare and killed MaKo to win the round. 

Vision Strikers won the final two rounds of the first half and the following pistol round, and then the teams went back and forth in the next four rounds. Derke pulled off one of the best flanks so far in the tournament in round 17 and killed four enemies without issue. Vision Strikers managed to win the next round, but Fnatic secured their second win of the tournament in round 19. 

Fnatic have qualified for the playoffs and will now have a break until Dec. 8. Vision Strikers will play the winner between FULL SENSE and Cloud9 Blue on Dec. 6 at 2pm CT. 

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