Groups and format revealed for VCT Champions 2021

Who will be the champion?

Image via Riot Games

Just less than two weeks before the final VALORANT Champions Tour event kicks off, the format and groups have now been revealed for VCT Champions 2021 beginning on Dec. 1.

Champions will use the same format as VCT Masters Three Berlin. Four groups of four teams will compete in their own GSL-style, double-elimination group stage that will send two teams from each group into the single-elimination playoff bracket.

Here are the groups at VCT Champions:

  • Group A: Acend, Team Envy, Vivo Keyd, X10 Esports
  • Group B: Sentinels, Team Liquid, FURIA, KRU Esports
  • Group C: Gambit, Crazy Raccoon, Team Secret, Team Vikings
  • Group D: Vision Strikers, Fnatic, Cloud9, Full Sense

The groups were drawn based on “a combination of their respective final placements at Challenger events and the strength of their region,” according to Riot Games. Additionally, Riot wanted to ensure that teams wouldn’t be grouped up against squads from their own region. All four EMEA teams are in separate groups and the three teams each from NA, Southeast Asia, and Brazil have all been separated as well.

Following the conclusion of the group stage, all eight playoff teams will be seeded by a random draw. A first-place group team will play a second-place team from another group in the opening round. All matches will be best-of-three, except for the best-of-five grand finals on Sunday, Dec. 12.

The first match of the group stage begins at 8am CT on Wednesday, Dec. 1 when Vision Strikers take on Full Sense.

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