Day 4 of VALORANT Champions Tour delayed for one hour to ‘review the ruling’ against Vivo Keyd

Due to Vivo Keyd’s usage of exploit, Riot will be taking some extra time with Group A matches.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Champions’ day four will start after an unusual delay of one hour. Riot Games will be taking the time to review last night’s ruling against Vivo Keyd, which gave Acend the victory after Vivo Keyd’s Jonathan “JhoW” Glória exploited a Cypher Cam bug on Breeze. 

The bug exploits allowed the user to see through a texture, which isn’t intended and can carry an unfair disadvantage. As a result, Riot ruled Vivo Keyd would forfeit all six rounds where they used the bug, and organizers gave Acend another round “to account for the economic impact of the six forfeited rounds on the subsequent rounds in the map.” This brought the scoreline to 13-9, and the victory retroactively went to Acend.

The controversial decision led to some uproar in the VALORANT community, who seem to have mixed opinions about the situation. After the ruling, the #justiceforkeyd was trending on Twitter, however, showing support for the Brazilian team.

In Group A, Envy and Acend will play the winners bracket after winning their first matches, and one of them will be directly qualified for the quarterfinal. At the same time, Vivo Keyd and X10 CRIT will be locking horns in an eliminator on Dec. 6.

Fans can watch today’s VCT matchups at 9am CT following the delay.

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