VALORANT’s Outta This World gun buddy is now available through Prime Gaming

Unidentified Fragging Object spotted.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players who have a Prime Gaming account can now get their hands on a new free gun buddy via the Prime Gaming loot system: the Outta This World gun buddy.

The Outta This World gun buddy features a tiny neon UFO with a little Hershey’s Kiss-shaped alien inside manning the controls. Players can acquire it via the VALORANT page of the Prime Gaming loot website, which players can access directly through this link or through Twitch’s homepage.

Players will have to link their VALORANT account to their Prime Gaming account (if they haven’t already) if they want to grab the new buddy. If you’re already linked your account, you can go to the VALORANT page of Prime Gaming loot and click Claim Now. The buddy should be available the next time you log in.

The Outta This World gun buddy is the latest of several cosmetic items that have been given away through Prime Gaming loot, including other gun buddies such as the Tower of Power and Hot Take, as well as various sprays and player cards. These others items are no longer available to claim, though. You have to do so during the time that they’re available.

There’s no date range listed for the Outta This World gun buddy’s availability. Just head over and grab it as soon as you can so you don’t risk losing it forever.

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