VALORANT’s Ascent will no longer be a “featured” map in the rotation


Image via Riot Games

Are you tired of Ascent yet? You’re in luck.

VALORANT players will now have an equal chance of playing all the maps, including Ascent.

“Beginning now, Ascent will no longer be a ‘featured’ map in the rotation,” according to the VALORANT Twitter.

Riot made the Italian map more common than the rest in VALORANT Patch 1.0, giving players “more opportunities” to play it. Since closed beta players had an extensive amount of time to play Split, Bind, and Haven, Ascent’s frequency was increased at launch.

Almost a week after VALORANT’s official launch, though, Riot is scaling back Ascent’s frequency starting today.

Aside from giving players more of a chance to play the new map, VALORANT devs are likely gathering data on what’s working on Ascent and what can be tweaked.

As of now, the map appears to favor attackers more than defenders. Its large, open middle area makes rotating difficult. And once a site has been captured, being able to close an entrance can seal defenders off when trying to defuse the Spike.

It’s unclear if any changes to the map will be made prior to ranked queues going live. But since Competitive mode doesn’t have a set release date yet, Riot has plenty of time to iron out any issues.