VALORANT Premier divisions: How many, division zones, and all details so far

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VALORANT Premier represents a new competitive mountain to climb; act-long competitive seasons made up of weekly matches that end in a champion-crowning playoffs tournament at the end of each season. During the season, weekly matches will take place on a specific map, while the end-of-season tournament will use a map pick-and-ban system.

Players who both verify their account via SMS verification and complete at least one ranked placement during their account’s lifetime can sign up and either join or create teams. Teams are comprised of five to seven players, with teams being slotted into specific divisions based on the average MMR of a team’s top five players.

How many divisions are there in VALORANT Premier?

Each regional zone consists of 20 skill divisions based on the average MMR of the top five players. There do not appear to be names or numbers that designate specific divisions. Players from any region or rank can join a team, but players playing far away from a team’s regional zone will be on bad ping.

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Each division has its own tournament at the end of the season; teams that earn 375 points during the season will qualify for the tournament by earning 100 points in wins and 25 from losses.

What are the Premier division regional zones in VALORANT?

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Here is the list of regional zones to pick and choose from in Premier:

  • US West
  • US East
  • Latin America North
  • Latin America South
  • Brazil
  • Central + Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Turkey
  • Middle East
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • South Asia

During the enrollment phase of a Premier season, regional zones will be automatically suggested based on location. You cannot change zones after enrolling, you will have to delete your team and re-enroll to play in a new zone, and you cannot re-enroll after the enrollment period for a season ends.

More details on divisions are expected to be revealed as Premier moves toward a full launch later in 2023.

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