How to turn on streamer mode in VALORANT

Use these options for more privacy.

Image via Riot Games

Privacy is important to most players regardless of the game. Sometimes, concealing your in-game name is the best choice.

VALORANT gives players a few options to increase their privacy, allowing them to enjoy the game without revealing their real identities. This is an excellent option for streamers who want to hide their real names to enjoy the game like any other player. 

Screengrab via Riot Games

There currently isn’t a specific streamer mode in VALORANT, but players can hide their names from players outside of their party and enable generic names for others outside of their party. Both options can be enabled in the general tab in the settings menu. These options do not take effect until your next match, so make sure you enable them before queuing. 

Hiding your name will enable your in-game name to appear as the agent you’re using. For example, a player who selected Reyna will appear as Reyna to anyone outside of their party. Using generic names for others outside of your party is an excellent way to avoid seeing inappropriate names, especially when playing in front of an audience. 

VALORANT players can adjust these options as needed, and they can also auto-reject friend requests and only allow party requests from friends. This will prevent fans or random players from spamming invites, which can be disruptive. Experiment with the privacy options available to find the perfect setup for you.