VALORANT player shows off smart Viper ultimate spot on Ascent

"Isolate and exterminate."

Image via Riot Games

If you’ve been looking for a cheeky spot for Viper to protect the A site on the VALORANT map Ascent, then search no more. One player has discovered a great angle that allowed them to use the controller’s ultimate ability to its highest potential last night.

While on attack, Viper’s ultimate can make site retakes difficult for any defenders. Once the ultimate is activated, any enemy player vision is reduced and their maximum health is also lowered. This makes it easy to clutch out rounds and hide the bomb within the ultimate’s radius.

On the A site, the player was boosted by a Sage wall onto a high box. Viper’s Pit was then activated while on the box, which caused the ultimate’s cloud radius to extend above Viper. As a result, the enemy team didn’t know that she was standing above them until it was too late.

The player ended up taking down three players while in the smoke, clutching the round for his team. Even though this was an impressive strategy, many people did point out some flaws that could help teams that run into it in the future.

For example, a regular Viper ultimate wouldn’t extend so high—unless she was standing on top of the box on the site. As a result, players could check that angle by shooting through the smoke before even entering the ultimate’s radius. Sova’s Recon Dart could also spot out Viper if it’s shot into the ultimate, making her an easy target to take out.

Viper’s ultimate can always make the simplest situations a lot more complicated. Now that people know that this angle exists, they’ll have to worry about players using this tactic while trying to find the spike and defuse it.