VALORANT Patch 3.03 introduces crosshair profiles

You can now easily mess around with your crosshairs.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players who enjoy experimenting with different crosshair settings can look forward to the multiple crosshair profiles that will be introduced in Patch 3.03

The crosshair is one of the most important settings in VALORANT. Some players prefer minimalistic crosshairs that you can barely see, while others elect to use large, bold crosshairs to help line up their shots. Previously, experimenting with crosshairs could be tough since it was impossible to save multiple options. But Patch 3.03 addresses this issue by bringing crosshair profiles to the game. 

Once this patch goes live, players will be able to switch between crosshair profiles to easily swap between their custom creations. This is excellent news for players who want to try a new crosshair since they can instantly switch back to their original option. There’s no longer a need to mess with your settings in the middle of the match, allowing you to stay focused and in the game. 

Patch 3.03 will also introduce new “Advanced Options” to further customize your ADS crosshair and sniper scope center dot. Players can “set a minimum firing error across all weapons” and another new setting allows players to use the primary crosshair with shotguns. 

Riot Games confirmed that it’s aware of players wanting to share their crosshair settings in-game and agrees this would be an excellent feature. While there’s no time frame yet on when this feature might come to VALORANT, it’s on the developers’ radar. 

If you’ve considered trying a new crosshair but didn’t want to lose your original settings, VALORANT Patch 3.03 is the perfect chance to start experimenting.