Crosshair profiles are reportedly coming to VALORANT

You might be able to experiment with multiple crosshairs soon.

Image via Riot Games

Crosshair Profiles may be coming to VALORANT soon, according to a leak by data miner Valorleaks. The feature will reportedly let players create and save crosshairs for later use, but Riot Games has not confirmed its addition to the game.

The feature could let players experiment with different styles to find the perfect crosshair. Players will reportedly also have the option to save up to 10 Crosshair Profiles, which gives them plenty of options for the matches. 

The crosshair is one of the most important settings in VALORANT. Some players prefer tiny crosshairs that are barely noticeable, while others like larger sights. Experimenting with crosshair settings to find the perfect setup in VALORANT can be tough, considering they can’t save multiple crosshairs.

It is unclear if or when Crosshair Profiles will be added to VALORANT. Riot Games has not officially announced the feature, but it is a welcome addition that would likely please various players.

Riot Games recently commented on Agent-specific keybinds, which is another options players have requested. This option and the ability to save multiple crosshairs would give players plenty of ways to customize their VALORANT experience. 

If you notice yourself missing enemies by just a few pixels, consider adjusting your crosshair to fit your needs. Just remember your original settings, as there is currently no way to save multiple crosshairs. 

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