VALORANT leak reveals new Doodle Buds bundle

Another colorful skin bundle is likely coming soon.

Image via Riot Games

A new VALORANT leak reveals a new Doodle Buds skin bundle featuring cartoonish versions of VALORANT agents, League of Legends characters, and Tactifriends. 

Patch 4.07 was revealed earlier today, adding minor changes to a few weapon-based abilities and the Stinger and Bulldog. Latin American players can also expect new servers to help approve latency in the region, and a new mysterious room is being added to the Shooting Range. The latest update also gave dataminers new information, like the new Doodle Buds skin bundle. 

Valorleaks posted an image showing the Doodle Buds skin bundle, which includes skins for the Phantom, Marshal, Ares, Shorty, and Stinger. The Phantom features colorful cartoon versions of the current agents, while the Shorty and Marshal feature several Tactifriends. League of Legends fans will like the new Ares skin as it features Annie, Jinx, Viego, Yorick, and multiple other characters. 

Players can reportedly choose which characters appear on their weapons, meaning the League characters can also be used on the Phantom. The cartoons on the weapons start off in black and white, but each kill adds more color. An ace is required to color in the entire weapon, so get ready to get multiple kills.

The bundle also includes exclusive items that can only be unlocked by purchasing the whole bundle. These include three player cards and three sprays featuring the same cast of characters on the weapons. Bundles are typically discounted when bought together, so consider grabbing all of the skins to save VP. 

Riot Games hasn’t officially revealed the new bundle, and it is unclear if or when it will be added to the game. But the image states it will be available until April 27, so expect it to appear in the shop soon. 

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