Here are the VALORANT Patch 4.07 notes

Latin American players should have a better experience.

VALORANT agents Omen and Phoenix on a red and black background.
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VALORANT Patch 4.07 is a relatively minor update, but it does add new servers in Latin America and slight updates to the Bulldog and Stinger. 

Patch 4.07 includes new servers in Latin America, which should significantly improve latency in the region. The new servers are planned to go live shortly after 4.07 rolls out. 

The Bulldog and Stinger received minor updates that delay firing inputs when players use the ADS feature. This prevents players from receiving the burst mode accuracy improvements before the weapon is fully raised, forcing them to consider if it is worth switching to burst fire during a gunfight. But players can still fire immediately after returning to hip fire mode. 

Ability-based weapons, meaning Chamber’s guns and Neon, Jett, and Raze’s ultimate abilities, can now be “input-queued to equip after the current action,” according to Riot Games. 

The VALORANT in-game VP section is also receiving an update, making it load in “a matter of seconds,” as opposed to the old version, which sometimes took over 30 seconds to load. Players can also expect new detections for “AFK-like behaviors” across several game modes, further preventing this toxic behavior from ruining the game. 

In addition, Patch 4.07 addresses several agent, social, and competitive bugs. These changes include allowing Skye’s ultimate ability to break through the destructible doors on Ascent, causing the ability to be more effective.

Players can look at the official Patch 4.07 notes for a complete list of bug fixes. Patch 4.07 is now live and available for download.

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