TenZ pulls off incredible ace with Spectre in VALORANT public match

What else do you expect from TenZ?

Photo via Riot Games

Professional VALORANT player TenZ dominated the enemy team in a recent public match with a Spectre, showing how powerful the weapon can be when used correctly. 

TenZ is one of the best VALORANT players in the world and has played a key part in helping Sentinels dominate throughout the VALORANT Champions Tour. He’s known for his impressive gun skill and ability to clutch against all odds. And TenZ recently helped his public match team win a round by eliminating the entire squad with a Spectre. 

TenZ and his team were pushing into A site on offense during the second round of a match on Ascent. They won the pistol round and had the advantage of weapons and armor. But enemies can still win rounds with well-placed shots—unless Tenz is on the other team. 

TenZ wasted no time killing the first two enemies before dashing into A Garden and killing a third player for good measure. The final two players rotated from the defender’s spawn and A Heaven to try and end his rampage but couldn’t stop TenZ. He killed the final two enemies to secure his ace and only took damage from the final player. Multiple players tried to use the Classic’s overpowered right-click to stop TenZ, but even that couldn’t save them. 

The Spectre is a powerful weapon in eco or save rounds, especially when the enemy team doesn’t have a full loadout. We can’t guarantee you’ll get an ace like TenZ, but you can still help your team succeed. 

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