Shroud and his entire VALORANT team are killed by a Raze ultimate

Even Shroud can't outrun a rocket.

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Shroud typically provides exciting VALORANT gameplay where he’s the person dominating the other team. But during a recent stream, an enemy player managed to kill Shroud’s entire team with Raze’s ultimate ability. 

Shroud and his team were going to push toward the B site on Split when the barrier dropped. But the defensive team was prepared. The enemy Omen blinded most of the team and the enemy Reyna also used her Leer ability to disrupt the attackers. Shroud’s team was forced to retreat, but the enemy Raze wasn’t ready to let them escape. 

The Raze player used her ultimate ability and fired a rocket directly at Shroud’s team and killed every player. They secured an ace less than five seconds after the round started and Shroud himself was impressed with the outcome. The enemy team also won a crucial round to prevent Shroud’s team from winning the game. 

Sometimes it’s entertaining to see Shroud on the receiving end of an amazing clip, but it doesn’t happen often. He recently killed three enemies with less than five bullets left and is constantly dominating the other team. But Raze’s ultimate has a way of humbling even the best players.

Raze’s ultimate is tough to master and can either deal massive damage or completely miss enemies. Some players avoid the agent for this reason, but when it’s used correctly, it can easily take out multiple enemies.

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