Shroud pulls off three back to back kills with just five bullets to clutch VALORANT round


Screengrab via shroud

Clutching a VALORANT round as the last person alive is hard enough, but doing it with limited ammo is almost impossible.

During a recent stream, Shroud pulled off just this, stringing together three kills with just five bullets to win the round for his team.

After his teammates were eliminated Shroud was forced to make a play and deal with three enemies who were defending the spike.

Armed with just his pistol Shroud opted to collect a Vandal off the ground, but this weapon had only six bullets in the clip. Instead of reloading, Shroud pushed onto the site taking out two enemies with a headshot each.

All the chips fell into place when the third and final enemy appeared allowing Shroud to secure the kill and stick the defuse with time to spare.

Ultimately this play allowed the streamer and his team to keep their lead which they eventually extended upon and take the game 13 – 10.