Riot acknowledges blood glitch in VALORANT, fix likely arriving with next patch

The developers are aware of the small bug.

Neon promotional art for VALORANT
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games confirmed the existence of a glitch causing sparks to appear instead of blood in VALORANT, and the developer says it plans to implement a fix in the next patch. 

VALORANT isn’t known as an incredibly violent or gory game, despite the main objective being to kill the enemy team. There are blood elements that can be toggled in the settings menu, allowing players to determine how much they want to see. But the latest patch introduced a strange bug that replaces the blood with sparks, leaving players confused.

Previously, shooting an enemy in the head resulted in a small splash of blood to let you know your shot connected. But since Patch 4.11 was implemented earlier today, players have reported sparks appearing instead. While this isn’t a significant problem, it can still throw players off in the middle of a fight. 

Riot is aware of the bug and confirmed a fix will hopefully be implemented in the next patch. Players don’t have to worry about headshots not counting in the meantime, but they might see sparks instead of blood until the fix is implemented. 

Patch 4.11 introduced a new mute feature allowing players to silence their teammates when they’re trying to clutch a round. Players can bind the new feature in the settings if they find themselves consistently dealing with disruptive comms in important situations. The latest patch also addressed multiple bugs and glitches, and players can check the official patch notes for more information.


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