Raze can reach the skybox on Ascent in VALORANT

The strategy is difficult to replicate.

Image via Riot Games

Raze is an effective agent in VALORANT with abilities that allow players to reach elevated positions if used correctly. And one player recently found a way to use Raze’s satchel packs and ultimate ability to reach the skybox on Ascent. 

The player started the round by checking mid and deploying their boom bot to buy time before attempting the maneuver. Once the area was clear, they used the satchel pack to get on top of the wall in Mid Bottom. After this, they threw their second satchel pack and activated their ultimate ability to boost themselves high into the air above the map.

This strategy allows players to stand in the skybox above mid and they can shoot at enemies pushing from the attackers' spawn or B main. The player managed to kill three enemies before the other team found their position, which was enough to help turn the round in their favor. 

Many players explained how this is an expensive and dangerous boost since it requires both blast packs and Raze’s ultimate ability. The timing when using the second blast pack and ultimate ability also has to be perfect, making it hard to replicate. 

The player who explained the maneuver used a macro to time the second boost and confirmed it's challenging to do normally. VALORANT players likely won't often encounter this glitch, but remember this strategy if you hear Raze activate her ultimate ability at the beginning of a round.