LineupsVALORANT web and mobile app offers over 180 line-ups for 13 agents

Now the community can share its line-ups easily in one place.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Redditor Relevant_Sun1054 has helped players around the world by creating a web and mobile app dedicated to agent ability line-ups.

LineupsVALORANT lists videos for 13 agents depending on what abilities can be lined up from mollies to flashes depending on the Agent. The website allows users to search line-ups depending on the Agent as well as the map to make videos as specific as possible. This app is different from Brimmy, created by Zion Calvo. Brimmy is strictly iOS/Andriod based, while LineupsVALORANT operates on the web as well as on mobile. Additionally, Brimmy only has lineups for five agents while LineupsVALORANT goes one step further to add multiple agents, including VALORANT’s latest addition Fade. 

The website shows a step-by-step guide on each agent and map about where to stand and aim the ability for the line-up. Not only are these guides on each line-up through videos by the community themselves can upload videos of their own line-ups to add to the collection. The website has over 180 line-ups across the 13 agents. 

Not only does LineupsVALORANT have a website and app, it also has a Discord server. This server allows members of the community to show off discovered line-ups with others. It also is a one-way communication with the developer of the website to give feedback as well as suggest more line-ups to the website. As new VALORANT Agents come out more line-ups to be added to the collection. 

“Mate you are a godsend,” one thankful VALORANT player said on Reddit. “Especially to people like me who can’t be bothered to memorize these lmao.”