How to get free VALORANT Points

Pretty please, Riot?

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT Points (VP) don’t grow on trees, and almost all players try to use the ones they have as wisely as possible. From purchasing skins only for your favorite agents to buying during discounts, players aim to save all of their remaining VP for the next big sale.

Even when you’re in the ultimate VP-saving mode, you can still fall short of purchasing a skin you’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t matter whether you’re missing one or 10 VPs, you won’t be able to buy a cosmetic item if you can’t match its price in VP. Considering VALORANT doesn’t give out any loans, you’ll need to spend at least another five bucks to purchase the smallest VP deal.

Spending an additional five dollars when you only need a couple of more VPs will feel less than ideal, however, making you wish there was a way of getting some free VPs. Be mindful of scams that can be found online, claiming you can get free VPs if you enter your login details, but you can get free VPs, up to 50, through Riot Games’ support channels desk.

Most League of Legends fans may recall Reddit threads created by talented artists claiming they were granted small amounts of Riot Points after sending in an artwork. This has been an unofficial way of obtaining some free RP up until 2016 when Riot finally decided to make it official.

You don’t have to be the Van Gogh to secure yourself free VPs, but there should be signs of effort on your artwork. Here’s how you can send your creation to Riot and potentially purchase that skin you’ve been eyeing for a while.

How can you get free VALORANT Points?

Before moving any further, you’ll need to come up with an artistic creation that will support your case. From drawing to voice acting, you can let your imagination run wild. Once you have that covered, here’s what you need to do.

  • Open up a support ticket through VALORANT’s support page.
  • Choose either “Purchase & In-Game Content” or “General” as your ticket’s category.
  • Attach your artwork and craft a thoughtful message explaining the process behind your submission.
  • Send the ticket and start crossing your fingers for some free VP.
    • Note that you’ll only be able to ask for a maximum of 50 VPs.