Fnatic confirms the organization is looking to enter the pro VALORANT scene by 2021

Fnatic's senior team director says COVID has set back plans for a bit.

Image via Riot Games

If Fnatic fans were waiting for their favorite team to enter the competitive VALORANT scene, they shouldn’t hold their breath. The team’s senior team director Colin “Cojo” Johnson revealed in a recent interview with GGRecon’s Yinsu Collins that the organization won’t be creating a pro VALORANT team until 2021.

“It’s more likely to be in 2021 than 2020, but if we find the right combination of players, if we feel really good about an opportunity and we really believe that it’s worth the investment and we’ll take the shot on it,” Cojo said. “But at the moment I don’t think that we’ve really had that ‘aha’ moment or that group of a few guys that we really feel like we want to invest a lot in right now.”

Cojo also said that, if anything, the earliest that Fnatic could field a VALORANT team would be near the end of the year in Q4. But the organization is still trying to be careful with where it invests its money.

He said he’s “personally probably spoken to 60-70 players within Europe” and added that the team is still scouting for talent. But the current situation around the COVID-19 pandemic has made the process a lot more complicated.

Multiple organizations have already locked down star VALORANT talent across the world, including several former CS:GO and Overwatch League pros. Players like Sinatraa and mixwell were signed nearly as soon as the pro scene ramped up, but there are still some premier names searching for a home.

Look for Fnatic to make some big moves in the VALORANT scene in the upcoming year.