EMEA VCT Stage One Challengers: VALORANT main event schedule, scores, and standings

Some world-class VALORANT matches are on the horizon.

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All eyes have turned to the EMEA region for VALORANT after a stellar end to the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour. At Champions 2021, all four EMEA teams finished at the top of their groups to reach the playoffs before EU squad Acend defeated CIS superpower Gambit in a grueling grand final.

Each of those four teams is back to start out VCT 2022, alongside eight more teams from open qualifiers who will now all compete in the EMEA VCT Stage One Challengers main event. These 12 teams will compete for the lion’s share of a 200,000 euro prize pool and, more importantly, for three spots at the next international Masters LAN in April.

Here’s everything you need to know to keep up with the EMEA VCT Challengers One main event, including teams, standings, schedules, and results.

Teams and groups

Here are the 12 teams competing in the EMEA VCT Challengers One main event.

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Group A

  • Gambit
  • Team Liquid
  • BIG
  • FunPlus Phoenix
  • Natus Vincere

Group B

  • Fnatic
  • Acend
  • SuperMassive Blaze
  • Guild Esports
  • BBL Esports
  • G2 Esports


Each group will compete using the round-robin format, with each team playing the other members of their group in a best-of-three match. The top three teams from each group will advance to a double-elimination bracket, with the top team in each group receiving a first-round bye.

The bottom team from each group will play in the EMEA Challengers promotion tournament and will take on the top teams from each of the VALORANT Regional Leagues in a double-elimination bracket. The top two teams from that bracket will qualify for the Challengers Two main event.

As a result of the crisis in Ukraine, week three matches were postponed. Half of the teams resume play in week four, and “a dual broadcast will see week three games played concurrently with the previously scheduled week five matches.”

Playoffs bracket, schedule, and results


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March 22

  • M3C def. Guild (M3C 13-11 Fracture, M3C 13-6 Bind)
  • Liquid def. G2 (Liquid 13-9 Split, G2 15-13 Icebox, Liquid 13-8 Haven)

March 23

  • Fnatic def. M3C (Fnatic 13-11 Fracture, M3C 13-8 Bind, Fnatic 23-21 Split)
  • FPX def. Liquid (FPX 13-10 Split, FPX 13-9 Haven)

March 24

  • G2 def. M3C (G2 13-8 Icebox, G2 13-10 Bind)
  • Liquid def. Guild (Liquid 13-11 Breeze, Liquid 13-8 Ascent)

March 25

  • FPX def. Fnatic (FPX 13-0 Split, FPX 13-10 Haven)
  • G2 def. Liquid (G2 13-4 Icebox, G2 13-4 Split)

March 26

  • G2 def. Fnatic (G2 13-9 Breeze, G2 13-2 Icebox, G2 13-10 Ascent)

March 27

  • FPX def. G2 (FPX 13-6 Icebox, G2 13-8 Breeze, FPX 13-7 Ascent, FPX 16-14 Split)

Group stage standings and results

Group A standings

3rdTeam Liquid3-2
4thLDN UTD2-3
5thNatus Vincere2-3
Gambit roster competing as M3C for remainder of EMEA VCT.

Group B standings

3rdG2 Esports3-2
4thBBL Esports2-3
6thSuperMassive Blaze0-5

Group stage results

Feb. 11

  • Gambit def. Liquid (Gambit 13-9 Icebox, Gambit 13-8 Breeze)
  • Fnatic def. G2 (Fnatic 13-8 Icebox, G2 13-11 Ascent, Fnatic 13-8 Split)

Feb. 12

  • FPX def. BIG (BIG 13-7 Bind, FPX 13-7 Haven, FPX 13-11 on Split)
  • Acend def. SMB (Acend 14-12 Ascent, Acend 13-4 Bind)

Feb. 13

  • Na’Vi def. LDN (Na’Vi 13-7 Ascent, Na’Vi 13-9 Haven)
  • Guild def. BBL (Guild 13-6 Breeze, Guild 13-9 Haven)

Feb. 18

  • FPX def. Gambit (FPX 17-15 Fracture, Gambit 13-6 Bind, FPX 14-12 Icebox)
  • Guild def. Acend (Acend 13-11 Split, Guild 13-9 Breeze, Guild 13-4 Fracture)

Feb. 19

  • LDN def. BIG (LDN 13-4 Haven, BIG 13-10 Split, LDN 13-4 Breeze)
  • Fnatic def. BBL (Fnatic 13-6 Icebox, Fnatic 13-10 Ascent)

Feb. 20

  • G2 def. SMB (G2 13-9 Split, G2 13-10 Haven)
  • Liquid def. Na’Vi (Liquid 13-9 Haven, Na’Vi 13-10 Bind, Liquid 13-10 Split)

Feb. 25-27*

*The week three matches have been postponed due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

March 5

  • BBL def. SMB (BBL 13-7 Split, BBL 13-10 Icebox)
  • Acend def. G2 (G2 13-7 Bind, Acend 13-9 Ascent, Acend 13-5 Split)

March 6

  • Liquid def. LDN (Liquid 13-8 Haven, Liquid 13-10 Split)

March 11

  • Fnatic def. SMB (13-9 on Icebox, 13-4 on Ascent)
  • G2 def. BBL (G2 13-7 Icebox, G2 13-3 Split)

March 12

  • FPX def. Liquid (FPX 13-6 Ascent, FPX 13-7 Haven)
  • Guild def. SMB (SMB 13-10 Haven, Guild 13-1 Breeze, Guild 19-17 Icebox
  • Fnatic def. Acend (Fnatic 13-4 Haven, Fnatic 13-10 Ascent)
  • Na’Vi def. BIG (BIG 13-6 Icebox, Na’Vi 18-16 Bind, Na’Vi 13-10 Ascent)

March 13

  • G2 def. Guild (G2 13-9 Bind, G2 13-7 Icebox)
  • LDN def. FPX (LDN 13-10 Haven, FPX 13-5 Fracture, LDN 13-10 Ascent)
  • Liquid def. BIG (Liquid 14-12 Bind, Liquid 13-6 Split)
  • BBL def. Acend (BBL 13-6 Haven, Acend 13-11 Split, BBL 13-6 Ascent)

March 16

  • M3C def. Na’Vi (M3C 13-5 Ascent, M3C 13-9 Breeze)
  • Fnatic def. Guild (Guild 13-5 Haven, Fnatic 13-5 Bind, Fnatic 13-5 Split)

March 17

  • M3C def. BIG (M3C 13-4 Split, M3C 13-8 Breeze)

March 18

  • FPX vs. Na’Vi (Na’Vi 13-11 Ascent, FPX 13-6 Breeze, FPX 13-11 Icebox)
  • M3C def. LDN (M3C 13-5 Ascent, M3C 13-1 Breeze)

*The Gambit players will not play under the Gambit banner for the remainder of the stage. They will compete under M3 Champions, or M3C.