Cloud9 Blue get revenge on Rise, secure spot at VALORANT Champions

Cloud9 Blue have earned their spot at VALORANT Champions.

Image via Riot Games

Cloud9 Blue defeated Rise in the VALORANT Champions Tour Last Chance Qualifer today and earned the final ticket to the VALORANT Champions event. 

Rise entered the LCQ Grand Final after a surprising flawless run, defeating FaZe Clan, Cloud9 Blue, and 100 Thieves along the way. Many considered Rise an underdog going into the event, but they’ve proven they are one of the best teams in the region. They also faced their fair share of challenges, like supamen disconnecting during their match against Cloud9 Blue during overtime. They returned the next day sending Cloud9 to the lower bracket, maintaining their momentum against 100 Thieves, and securing their spot in the grand final. 

Cloud9 Blue started the tournament with a win against Version1 before losing against Rise, forcing them to fight their way through the lower bracket. They won three straight games against Gen.G, XSET, and 100 Thieves, securing a spot in the grand final and a chance for revenge against Rise. This time, Cloud9 Blue walked away with the win, getting revenge and earning a spot in the biggest VALORANT event of the year.

Cloud9 Blue came out swinging in the first map on Breeze. The team won five straight rounds on attack, showing dedication to their revenge and the spot on Champions up in the line. Rise stopped the chaos in round six, but Cloud9 Blue won two more rounds in the first half for good measure.

The second half had a similar start with Cloud9 taking the pistol round and following round once again. Rise, however, won the next two rounds and prevented them from snowballing to victory.

Cloud9 Blue performed just as well on defense, not giving Rise an inch. Rise’ supamen reminded everyone how good he is with a one vs. two clutch to win round 20, including a stressful Classic right-click that saved the day. But this only postponed the inevitable, and Cloud9 won the first map in the next round. 

The second match on Split was a rough experience for Rise. Despite being Rise’s map pick, Cloud9 Blue didn’t drop a round on defense and closed the map out with a single round win in the second half. 

Cloud9 refused to give Rise any breathing room and consistently held sites or retook them with well-placed abilities and utility. Rise planted the Spike four times, but they failed to defend it on every occasion. Rise couldn’t bounce back in the second half, and Cloud9 won their only offensive round without a single player dying. 

Rise had one final chance on Bind to force the series to map four and potentially pull off a reverse sweep. Despite a much better performance than on Split, they couldn’t finish the job and were sent home for the season. 

The first half was the closest experience for both teams in the entire series. The two squads went back and forth, preventing each other from pulling away with a significant lead. Rise appeared to finally wake up, and Shanks secured an impressive 4k in round four to keep the score even. They continued to take turns winning rounds and finished the first half 6-6.

Rise won the first two rounds in the second half, but Cloud9 won the third round and eventually went on a four-round winning streak. Zeppa and xeta did an excellent job in rounds 19, retaking the site with ease while vanity defused the Spike. Rise refused to roll over and won rounds 21 and 22, bringing the game to 11-11. However, Cloud9 Blue won the next two rounds to win the Last Chance Qualifier and secure their spot in the VALORANT Champions tournament. 

Cloud9 Blue will join Envy and Sentinels in the VALORANT Champions Tour in December and will compete against the top 16 teams in the world. 

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