TFT Set 6 Patch 11.23: Full notes and updates

A massive number of changes are coming that shouldn't trash the meta.

TFT Set 6 Jayce
Image via Riot Games

The first Teamfight Tactics patch of Set Six is an enormous update that consists of the official Double Up launch, balance changes, Hyper Roll changes, and bug fixes.

Scheduled to go live on Nov. 17, Patch 11.23 addresses overperforming traits and champions while providing numerous minor changes. The new TFT Set Six Lab, Double Up, will officially launch with the update. Tactician social scouting will be disabled at launch, however, due to a bug. Six new Hextech Augment arrangements were added to the table for Set Six, along with new percentages for each one. 

Patch 11.23 includes a change to the Carousels, now allowing players to inspect champions while scouting opponents’ boards. Ionic Spark was the only item to get a balance change, reducing its zap damage from 250 to 225 percent. The new TFT Coins will launch via mobile with Patch 11.23. And Hyper Roll will now give one Yordle following combat. There is a chance to give a second Yordle after combat, increasing after each Stage. 

Here’s every change players can expect within TFT Set Six via Patch 11.23 per Riot.

Set Six Hextech Augment changes

Image via Riot Games

Calculated Loss, Dominance, and Junkyard are no longer options within the third Hextech Armory.

  • Ardent Censer: Moved from Gold to Silver tier
  • Lifelong Learning: Moved from Gold to Silver tier and is no longer offered as a third Augment choice
  • Runic Shield: Duration nerfed from infinite to a total of eight seconds
  • Runic Shield: Shield scaling across all three tiers was buffed from 250/375/500 to 300/450/600 percent ability power
  • Share the Spotlight: The shared bonus was increased from 75 to 100 percent
  • Titanic Force: The health threshold was buffed from 1,300 to 1,400
  • Titanic Force: Maximum percent health for bonus attack damage was reduced from four to three percent
  • Woodland Charm: Moved from Gold to Prismatic tier
  • Woodland Charm: Health of the copy was buffed from 1,200 to 1,500
  • Underdogs: Health regeneration per second was increased from 10 to 12 percent missing health. A cap of 200 health per second was added.
  • Built Different: Players will no longer see most Heart, Soul, and Emblem Augments after choosing Built Different. The trait will also no longer get offered in the third Augment Armory
  • Built Different: Health was adjusted from 300/450/600 to 300/400/500
  • Built Different: Attack speed was decreased from 50/65/80 to 50/60/70 percent
  • Binary Airdrop: Moved from Silver to Gold tier. Item randomization will now avoid giving Set Six champions items that don’t synergize with the unit. 
  • Sharpshooter: Damage falloff increased from 40 to 45 percent
  • Windfall: The Augment will now grant the correct amount of 20/25/30 gold
  • Training Dummy: Health reduced to 500
  • All for One: Health percentage of ally granted to the Tyrant upon death was reduced from 40 to 33 percent

Portable Forge Ornn item changes

  • Death’s Defiance armor buffed from 25 to 50.
  • Manazane increased from 100 to 200 mana regeneration.
  • Obsidian Cleaver armor and magic resistance increased from 40 to 70 percent.
  • Randuin’s Sanctum armor and magic resistance increased from 40 to 50.
  • Rocket Propelled Fist health increased from 200 to 750
  • Rocket Propelled Fist mana buffed from 15 to 30.

Set Six trait changes

Image via Riot Games

A change to the Enforcer trait prevents units from detaining champions with crowd control immunity. Academy and Innovator were both nerfed while Mercenary will give out less gold and Kraken rolls are less likely to show up.

  • Academy: Starting attack damage and ability power reduced from 20/40/60/80 to 18/35/50/70
  • Academy: Attack damage and ability power per cast was adjusted from 3/5/10/15 to 3/5/8/12
  • Bodyguard: Champions with the Bodyguard trait will gain a shield shortly after combat begins when their taunt is triggered. 
  • Bodyguard: Shield amount is 100/300/600/1000
  • Colossus: Colossus two had its damage reduction increased from 25 to 30 percent
  • Enforcers: Champions with the Enforcer trait can no longer detain units that are immune to crowd control and will skip over units that are banished by Zephyr. 
  • Imperial: Team bonus damage was increased from 0/40 to 0/50 percent
  • Mercenary: Various die rolls are getting reduced across the board to lower the total power of the trait 
  • Sniper: Champions with the Sniper trait will now gain +1 attack range. This includes units with a Sniper emblem
  • Sniper: Sniper units Jhin, Caitlyn, Tristana, Miss Fortune, and Kog’Maw have had their range reduced by one to compensate for the trait buff.
  • Bruiser: Bonus health adjusted from 125/250/400/700 to 125/225/350/700
  • Clockwork: Base attack speed increased from 10/25/50 to 10/30/55 percent
  • Mutant: Hyper-Adrenal Glands renamed to Hyper Adrenaline
  • Mutant: Cybernetic Enhancement bonus health increased from 400/800 to 450/900
  • Mutant: Voracious Appetite attack damage and ability power reduced from 30/50 to 25/40
  • Mutant: Metamorphosis attack damage and ability power per stack reduced from 10/20 to 5/10
  • Scrap: Changes were made to avoid giving Set Six champions items with poor synergy


  • Chest plus “X”: Gold reduced from five to four
  • Sword plus “X”: Gold reduced from eight to seven
  • Kraken/Soldier: Loaded Dice plus five gold reduced to Loaded Dice and two gold
  • Seven Mercenary: Item and four gold changed to just an item
  • Seven Mercenary: Neeko and six gold changed to Neeko and three gold
  • Seven Mercenary: Five-cost unit and six gold changed to a five-cost unit and two gold


  • Base health nerfed from 650/1100/1900 to 475/750/1250
  • Base attack damage reduced from 50/75/100 to 40/50/65
  • Star level modifier increased from 15 to 25 percent
  • Hextech Dragon is now immune to crowd control
  • Hextech Dragon: Electrifying Roar spell fear range increased to five so that it hits the whole board
  • Hextech Dragon: Attack range was reduced from four to two Hexes
  • Hextech Dragon: Fear duration was reduced from four to three
  • Hextech Dragon: Third attack magic damage reduced from 750 to 500
  • Hextech Dragon: Electrifying Roar spell will now increase the ally damage buff by 50 percent

Set Six champion balance changes

TFT Set 6 Gangplank
Image via Riot Games

Samira was hit with a nerf to her power level but her cast time was buffed. Galio was buffed in conjunction with the Colossus buff. Gangplank and Miss Fortune were both nerfed. And Yone got a slight nerf to his attack speed.


  • Ezreal: Mystic Shot spell damage reduced from 30/60/90 to 25/50/100
  • Singed: Flinged spell main target stun adjusted from 1.5/2/2.5 to 1.5/2/3
  • Ziggs: Attack damage reduced from 45 to 50
  • Twisted Fate: Starting mana nerfed from 30/40 to 0/40
  • Garen: Maximum mana nerfed from 40/80 to 50/90


  • Katarina: Shunpo spell damage increased from 180/225/300 to 190/240/320
  • Kog’Maw: Attack damage increased from 30 to 35
  • Swain: Death’s Hand spell healing reduced from 200/250/325 to 200/230/300
  • Trundle: Chomp spell attack damage scaling reduced from 150 to 140 percent


  • Cho’Gath: Maximum mana buffed from 100/160 to 100/150
  • Gangplank: Health reduced from 800 to 750
  • Gangplank: Armor and magic resistance reduced from 45 to 40
  • Gangplank: Attack damage reduced from 80 to 75
  • Gangplank: Parrley spell base damage reduced from 125/150/200 to 110/135/170
  • Miss Fortune: Attack speed reduced from 0.75 to 0.7
  • Miss Fortune: Make it Rain spell damage reduced from 300/400/600 to 275/375/550
  • Samira: Attack damage reduced from 85 to 80
  • Samira: Flair spell ranged cast time reduced and attack damage scaling nerfed from 175/180/190 to 165/170/180 percent
  • Samira: Spell armor shred adjusted from 10/20/40 to 10/15/20
  • Shaco: Spell attack damage scaling increased from 175 to 185 percent


  • Dr. Mundo: Zap Dose spell magic damage ticks reduced from 100/150/300 to 80/125/300
  • Dr. Mundo: Zap Dose spell health explosion scaling reduced from 20/25/50 to 15/20/50 percent
  • Dr. Mundo: Zap Dose spell instant heal maximum health scaling reduced from 40 to 35 percent
  • Dr. Mundo: Zap Dose spell heal over time health scaling increased from 20/30/100 to 25/35/100 percent
  • Fiora: Blade Waltz spell startup delay has been slightly reduced
  • Urgot: Attack damage reduced from 75 to 70
  • Urgot: Spell attack damage scaling reduced from 30 to 25 percent
  • Yone: Attack speed reduced from 0.85 to 0.8


  • Jayce: Melee bonus armor and magic resistance reduced from 50 to 40
  • Jinx: Attack speed reduced from 1.1 to 1.05
  • Tahm Kench: Devour spell damage reduced from 1000/1600/30000 to 900/1450/30000
  • Yuumi: Health reduced from 850 to 800
  • Galio: Starting mana buffed from 180/300 to 200/300
  • Galio: Colossal Entrance spell damage increased from 125/250/2000 to 150/250/2000

Patch 11.23 bug fixes

TFT Set 6 Malzahar
Image via Riot Games
  • The Sharpshooter Twinshot Hextech Augment will no longer work with Sniper attacks
  • The Clockwork Broken Stopwatch Hextech Augment will now freeze units that have immunity from crowd control 
  • Items like Zeke’s Herald and Zephyr created from the Binary Airdrop Hextech Augment now trigger at the start of combat
  • Allies of Blitzcrank will now retarget to his Rocket Grab target if they are in range of the target
  • The Arcanist Runic Shield Hextech Augment will no longer grant shields to units that are on the bench
  • Training Dummies should stop showing up during the “end of match” and “match history” screens
  • Mercenary Orbs are getting moved to the right so they are no longer hidden by the Hextech core
  • An issue in Hyper Roll where Yordles have refused to combine and star-up should be resolved. There is another bug in which the TFT team is keeping an eye on
  • Gold Collector will no longer grant gold during PvE rounds
  • Taric will no longer fail to heal himself if his primary heal target is taken out while Taric is casting