TFT Set 5.5 Dawn of Heroes Cheat Sheet: Every trait and champion

New traits and champions.

TFT Set 5.5 Tristana
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A total of 57 Teamfight Tactics champions are included in the Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes midset update, including 12 champs that weren’t in Set Five. 

Scheduled for official release on July 21, TFT Set 5.5 contains a total of four new traits. Two are five-cost traits, belonging to Gwen and Garen. Sentinels is a vertical trait, while Cannoneer champions hit hard from the backline. The Forgotten trait has been reworked due to the removal of Shadow items for Radiant items in Set 5.5 and the Hellion trait ability activates now with a minimum of two Hellion champions.

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Here’s every Origin and Class trait in TFT Set 5.5 Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes:

Set 5.5 Origins

TFT Set 5.5 Olaf
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There are a total of 12 Origin traits in TFT Set 5.5. New traits include Sentinel (vertical trait), Inanimate, and Victorious (two five-cost champion solo traits). Garen has a new Victorious trait and Gwen has the Inanimate Origin. Forgotten was also adjusted due to the removal of Shadow items from Set 5.5. 

Abomination (3/4/5)

Abomination champions are Kalista, Brand, Nunu, and Fiddlesticks 

When a total of two allied Champions have died, the Monstrosity rises from its grave. The Monstrosity gets bonus health and attack damage based on allied Abomination units’ star levels. The Monstrosity also receives a random copy of an item from each of the three Abomination Champions nearest the grave when combat starts.

Health and AD of the Monstrosity increase by 20 percent at each stage and it now deals magic damage in the area where it stops charging. Abomination Monstrosity attack damage per star level is 7/9/11 and its stage scaling is 16 percent.

  • Three: 900 health and 70 attack damage with 30 armor and magic resistance
  • Four: 1,400 health and 90 attack damage 45 armor and magic resistance
  • Five: 1,800 health and 110 attack damage 60 armor and magic resistance

Dawnbringer (2/4/6/8)

The Dawnbringer champions are Gragas, Kha’Zix, Soraka, Nidalee, Riven, Karma, and Garen.

Dawnbringers rapidly heal a portion of their maximum health the first time they drop below 50 percent. When this heal occurs, all allied Dawnbringers gain 10 percent bonus damage.

  • Two: 30 percent of maximum health
  • Four: 55 percent of maximum health
  • Six: 80 percent of maximum health
  • Eight: 120 percent of maximum health

Draconic (3/5)

Draconic champions are Udyr, Sett, Ashe, Zyra, Galio, and Heimerdinger.

At the end of each player combat, gain a dragon egg on your bench. The bigger the egg, the longer it takes to hatch, and the chance for Rare rewards increases. In Hyper Roll, dragon eggs hatch faster. Eggs in TFT Set 5.5 now have their maximum HP set to the number of turns they are.

  • Three: Bonus active
  • Five: Dragon eggs are golden. These golden eggs have an increase in rare loot when they hatch

Forgotten (2/4/6/8)

Set 5.5 Forgotten champions are Vayne, Hecarim, Thresh, Miss Fortune, Draven, and Viego.

Forgotten champions have bonus ability and attack power. Each victorious combat a Forgotten champion participates in increases the bonus by 10 percent, stacking up to five times. 

  • Two: 20 attack damage and ability power
  • Four: 40 attack damage and ability power
  • Six: 60 attack damage and ability power
  • Eight: 150 attack damage and ability power

Hellion (2/4/6/8)

Hellion champions are Ziggs, Kled, Lulu, Kennen, Poppy, Tristana, and Teemo.

Hellions gain bonus attack speed. Whenever a Hellion dies, a Doppelhellion of the same type (with one less star and no items) will leap from the Hellion portal and join the fight.

  • Two: 10 percent attack speed
  • Four: 30 percent attack speed
  • Six: 70 percent attack speed
  • Eight: 125 percent attack speed

Ironclad (2/3/4)

All allies gain bonus armor. Ironclad champions are Nautilus, Rell, and Jax. 

  • Two: 30 armor
  • Three: 70 armor
  • Four: 125 armor

Nightbringer (2/4/6/8)

The Set 5.5 Nightbringer champions are Vladimir, Sejuani, Yasuo, Lee Sin, Aphelios, and Diana. 

Nightbringers gain a shield for eight seconds equal to a percentage of their maximum health the first time they drop below 50 percent. When this occurs, that Nightbringer gains bonus damage.

  • Two: 30 percent shield and 20 percent damage
  • Four: 60 percent shield and 30 percent damage
  • Six: 90 percent shield and 40 percent damage
  • Eight: 200 percent shield and 70 percent damage

Redeemed (3/6/9)

There are a total of eight Redeemed champions: Aatrox, Leona, Syndra, Varus, Lux, Rell, Vel’Koz, and Kayle. 

Redeemed have increased armor, magic resistance, and ability power. When they die, they pass this bonus split among remaining Redeemed allies.

  • Three: 20 armor and magic resistance with 30 percent ability power
  • Six: 35 armor and magic resistance with 60 percent ability power
  • Nine: 70 armor and magic resistance with 100 percent ability power

Revenant (2/3/4/5)

Champions with the Revenant trait are Fiddlesticks, Ivern, Nocturne, and Volibear.

Revenants revive after their first death in each combat. A Revenant champion revives with 10/25/45/70 percent health and 25 percent more damage dealt and taken.

Sentinel (3/6/9)

There are a total of eight Sentinel champions: Senna, Olaf, Pyke, Rakan, Irelia, Galio, Lucian, and Akshan. 

The Sentinel trait received a rework in TFT Patch 11.17, with the buff starting on the Sentinel champion with the most items. Should multiple Sentinels have the same number of items, the unit with the highest attack speed receives the buff first. Shield health and attack speed increase with more Sentinels. 

  • Three: 175 shield and 20 percent attack speed for four seconds
  • Six: 800 shield and 80 percent attack speed for three seconds
  • Nine: 2,000 shield and 500 percent attack speed for one second

Inanimate (1)

Gwen is an Inanimate champion. 

At the start of combat, Inanimate champions summon Harrowing Mist in the two Hexes surrounding them for a few seconds, granting all allies within damage reduction from enemies outside of the mist. 

Victorious (1)

Garen is a Victorious champion.

When Victorious champions score a kill, their next attack is empowered to deal 40 percent of the target’s missing health as bonus magic damage. 

Set 5.5 Classes

TFT Set 5.5 Irelia
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There are a total of 14 Class traits in TFT Set 5.5 Dawn of Heroes. Cannoneer is the new Class trait, activating abilities at 2/4/6. Garen is still a Knight and Gwen is a Mystic. 

Assassin (2/4/6)

Champions that have the Assassin trait are Kha’Zix, Pyke, Nocturne, Diana, and Viego.

Assassin spells can critically strike and they gain bonus critical strike damage and bonus critical strike chance. 

  • Two: 20 percent critical chance and 25 percent critical damage
  • Four: 40 percent critical chance and 50 percent critical damage
  • Six: 75 percent critical chance and 70 percent critical damage

Brawler (2/4/6)

Brawlers gain additional maximum health. Brawler champions are Gragas, Sett, Nunu, and Volibear.

  • Two: 400 bonus health
  • Four: 1,000 bonus health
  • Six: 1,600 bonus health

Cannoneer (2/4/6)

The Cannoneer trait contains Set 5.5 champions Senna, Tristana, Miss Fortune, and Lucian.

After taking the fifth shot, Cannoneer champions replace their next attack with a cannon shot, according to Riot, after dealing a percentage of their maximum mana as physical damage.

  • Two: 225 percent damage
  • Four: 400 percent damage
  • Six: 1,200 percent damage

Caretaker (1)

Heimerdinger remains the sole champion with the Caretaker Class trait.

Caretakers deploy with a Baby Dragon that can be placed anywhere on the battlefield. Baby Dragons gain 100 percent of their handler’s attack speed and restore 80 mana to their Caretaker upon death.

Cavalier (2/3/4)

Set 5.5 Cavalier champions are Kled, Hecarim, Sejuani, and Rell.

Cavaliers take reduced damage. At the start of combat and after each charge, this effect is doubled for four seconds. 

  • Two: 20 percent damage reduction
  • Three: 30 percent damage reduction
  • Four: 35 percent damage reduction

Cruel (1)

Teemo makes it into Set 5.5.

Cruel champions are purchased with Little Legend health instead of gold. They can be sold for gold but not HP. 

Invoker (2/4)

All allies gain bonus mana from their basic attacks. Invoker champions are Syndra, Ivern, Karma, and Teemo.

  • Two: Plus-three mana
  • Four: Plus-six mana

Knight (2/4/6)

All allies block a flat amount of damage from all sources. Knight champions are Leona, Poppy, Nautilus, Thresh, Galio, and Garen.

  • Two: 20 damage blocked
  • Four: 40 damage blocked
  • Six: 70 damage blocked

Legionnaire (2/4/6/8)

Champions with the Legionnaire trait are Aatrox, Kalista, Irelia, Yasuo, Riven, Draven, and Kayle.

The Legionnaire trait received a rework in Patch 11.16, providing Legionnaire champions bonus attack speed and heal for a portion of the damage they deal via attacks and abilities. The Legionnaire trait also has Omnivamp of 15/20/25/35 percent.

  • Two: 25 percent attack speed
  • Four: 75 percent attack speed
  • Six: 135 percent attack speed
  • Eight: 250 percent attack speed

Mystic (2/3/4/5)

All allies gain bonus magic resistance. Mystic champions in Set 5.5 are Lulu, Lux, Fiddlesticks, and Gwen.

  • Two: 40 magic resistance
  • Three: 80 magic resistance
  • Four: 150 magic resistance
  • Five: 250 magic resistance

Ranger (2/4/6)

Ranger champions are Vayne, Varus, Aphelios, Ashe, and Akshan.

Every four seconds, Ranger champions gain bonus attack speed for four seconds. They regain this bonus every four seconds thereafter. Ranger attack speed is 80/180 percent.

  • Two: 80 percent attack speed
  • Four: 200 percent attack speed
  • Six: 500 percent attack speed

Renewer (2/4/6)

Renewer champs heal for a percentage of their maximum health each second. If they’re full health, they restore mana instead. Champions with the Renewer trait are Vladimir, Soraka, Rakan, Ivern, and Heimerdinger.

  • Two: Four percent health or three percent mana
  • Four: Seven percent health or six percent mana
  • Six: 10 percent health or nine percent mana

Skirmisher (3/6/9)

Skirmisher champions gain a shield at the start of combat, and bonus attack damage each second. Champions with the Skirmisher trait are Olaf, Udyr, Irelia, Kennen, Lee Sin, Nidalee, Jax, and Viego.

  • Three: 20 percent maximum health shield and plus-four attack damage
  • Six: 40 percent maximum health shield and +10 attack damage
  • Nine: 100 percent maximum health shield and +20 attack damage

Spellweaver (2/4/6)

The Spellweaver trait was updated with a rework in the 11.17 Set 5.5 patch, in that Spellweaver stacks no longer have a cap. Champions have increased ability power and get bonus ability power any time a champion uses an ability. Champions that have the Spellweaver trait are Ziggs, Brand, Zyra, and Vel’Koz.

  • Two: 15 percent AP and two percent bonus AP per stack
  • Four: 35 percent AP and four percent bonus AP per stack
  • Six: 70 percent AP and eight percent bonus AP per stack

The TFT Set 5.5 cheat sheet may change leading up to the official launch of Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes on July 21. Traits and stats that are adjusted will get updated with each patch. 

Update July 7 3pm CT: Updated every TFT Origin and Class trait in Set 5.5 to reflect PBE update.

Update July 20 1:30pm CT: Article updated to include balance changes and reworks via Patch 11.15.

Update Aug. 25 11am CT: Article updated to include balance changes and reworks from Patch 11.16 and 11.17.

Update Sept. 8 3pm CT: Article was updated to include balance changes from Patch 11.18.

Update Oct. 5 1:30pm CT: Article was updated to include TFT Patch 11.20 trait changes.